missing space on hdd

  griswoldsuk 16:13 13 Jun 2004

Hi, I have a laptop with a hdd split into C: & D:, both are 14GB. I keep getting pop ups saying my C:drive is virtually full. However when I look at the properties of all the files & folders on it they only account for 6.8GB.

So anyone got any ideas what is taking up the rest of the space.
I am running WinXP, viewing hidden files & folders and protected Op System files.The C:drive properties in my Computer show it as full.

  Totally-braindead 16:21 13 Jun 2004

What you are saying is, you have a 30 gig hard drive partitioned in to two with 14 gigs on each, and it comes up saying the C drive is full but theres only 6.8 gig used. Is this right?

  griswoldsuk 16:24 13 Jun 2004

yes that's right

  griswoldsuk 22:13 13 Jun 2004

any ideas anyone ?

  woodchip 22:16 13 Jun 2004

Have you right click C:\ Properties

  griswoldsuk 22:20 13 Jun 2004

Yes I have, it shows disk virtually full at 13.9Gb out of 14GB. But when I browse the drive, the folders & files only account for 6.8GB including hidden system files etc.

  woodchip 22:22 13 Jun 2004

Right click on all the folders to see what is taking the room up. in explorer

  woodchip 22:24 13 Jun 2004

PS also check the root of C:\ for big files. If you have got a Burner and have had problems creating CD's check to see if you can find image files. look for files in find say above 400mb

  griswoldsuk 22:29 13 Jun 2004

But I've already done that. I have Program Files 1.52GB, Doc & Settings 1.71GB, Windows 2.47GB & about 1GB of files etc, giving a total of 6.8GB, so what has happened to the other 7GB that Properties says is used?

  woodchip 22:52 13 Jun 2004

It's funny that you brought this up as I have same problem Where are the used Gb's it shows 5Gb used and none of the folders show that amount of us. Is it a XP bug

  Dorsai 19:46 14 Jun 2004

i think this may be what i have heard called slack space...

Don't know how you check for slack space, but this may be where the missing space has gone.

I don't know the right techy terms, so i will have to make this simple (Coz i am). As i understand it disks are devided up into small sections. The smallest space a file can use is one section. if it's bigger that one section, it uses 2, or 3 or 4 etc.

But if the file is 1.01 sections in size it still uses 2 sections (ditto 3.0000000001 would use 4) maybe your have lots of small files. could be XP adds up the size of the file (.01, .1, 0.2, .3, 1.1) and gets 1.71, but there are 6 sections used by files, they are just not all full.

So you get a report (out of, say, 10) of used space 1.71, space left 4. doesn't appear to add up. this gives a 'slack space' of 4.29. Space unavaliable for use, but not actually used.

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