Missing Shortcut on Desktop

  Phoenix40 18:53 30 Jun 2005

Hello im new on this forum so i hope you understand what i have to say about my computer problem.My computer is a Celeron 466,with Wins 98SE,64MB Nvidia 420 graphics card and 256 memory.I had trouble with some of my software games when i d/loaded the latest drivers from the Nvidia site.When i d/loaded them i installed a new game by Novologic just to see what it was like then i uninstalled it again to make space.I put it on my second h/drive.When i uninstalled the game everything seemed alright but when i restarted my computer at a later date i got a message at the bottom with a flashing torch looking for the file NOVG.exe which i assume its the exe file from the game.So i reinstalled the game to reconnect the the problem.Then i had a message to say the file setup is in a different place do i want to move it there i said yes.Then i ended up with another message which i keep getting on my desktop each time i start the computer i have to click ok to clear it.It says

WINLNET.DLL redistribution package

command line option syntax error
type command/? for help

I dont understand what the message means can someone explain what it is and how i can get rid of it.It doesnt so far seem to be affecting any other software.But it seems to stem from that other problem to do with the execute file which i cant find any sign of ive uninstalled the game again now. I have looked on Regedit but theres nothing there now so any ideas would be much appreciated thanks.

  mattyc_92 18:57 30 Jun 2005

I don't reconise the error message, but have you tried looking at the game's website for help as it MUST be something to do with it?

You could try uninstalling your graphics card, restarting and the re-intalling it.

  VoG II 18:58 30 Jun 2005

Start, Run, type


and click OK.

On the startup tab look for WININET.DLL (note the spelling) and untick it.

  Phoenix40 19:14 30 Jun 2005

Hello thanks for your response.I have to admit i did do that the first time i uninstalled the latest drivers of my card.Then when i restarted the computer the original problem started again the missing shortcut i left it for a while instead of turning it off then a new message came up asking me if i wanted to move the search or something like that to another file which it called wintdist.exe on the root directory of c:\wins\temp\wintdist.exe which i said in all innocence yes then i was back to that original message coming up on my desktop again so i was back to square one.So i left it there for the moment until someone can tell me what i should do.I admit i havnt looked on the game site about the problem as i assume it was a problem with my computer or an error on installation somehow on my part and nothing wrong with the game as it started alright but didnt play well because of my specs.So i will try that other method first hope to hear from anyone else thanks.

  mattyc_92 19:16 30 Jun 2005

VoG™'s suggestion as VoG™ knows many ways to repair corrupt files/registry enteries....

  Phoenix40 19:30 30 Jun 2005

Hello i have just done what VoG as said i went into msconfig and after looking through the different templates i found something in the last one mentioning the game i installed then the directory it was connected to Wint etc it mentioned being in there twice and it was to do with the games registration which like nearly all games i dont bother with so there was a box with a tick so i unticked it.Then the computer restarted and voila! it was no longer there.But does it mean the problem still exist or will it go away now.But when i install the game again does it mean i will have to register it or can i still leave it.Hopefully i will get a new computer soon but thank you for your help and i will come here again instead of worrying my colleagues on the net.One learns something new all the time with these things thanks a lot for your help.

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