Missing reg value - when trying to uninstall modem

  johnem 23:14 01 Jan 2006

Hi gang, back for a little more help. On my W98Se laptop, I earlier installed the drivers etc for a Voyager 105 ADSL modem. I have been having a few other problems with puter earlier, these are now more or less sorted. Well at least it is up and running. However, when I tried to connect up to the modem, I receive the message that the connection no longer exists. I have checked the settings etc and found some of them are now greyed out. I decided that as there had been other problems, that it had possibly become corrupted and would therefore uninstall the drivers etc, with a view to then re-installing them at a later date. The message I then received is that "Unable to find Reg value: Key=Software\GlobespanVirata\Adslvalue=driverType". I have briefly used regedit to try to locate this entry to no avail. Is there a way to recreate this key value? If so, where abouts in the registry should it be located?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:17 01 Jan 2006

just reinstall the driver without trying to uninstall first.

  johnem 23:22 01 Jan 2006

Evening Fruit Bat /\0/\,
Have tried that and received the same information. I suspect the problem is as result of the earlier trouble when an upgrade to McAfee caused "An unexepcted error" and the only way out was to reboot. Following that I had to restore to an earlier succesfull boot to get the machine up and running. I suspect that as the update had just finished when the system froze that this has corrupted something.

  johnem 19:56 02 Jan 2006


  Skyver 23:24 02 Jan 2006
  johnem 22:23 03 Jan 2006

Thanks for the info, read the link thoroughly and used the "105 Doctor". Able to re-install drivers and broadband is back up and running. Thanks for the help.

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