Missing Physical Memory

  Vitamin M 20:20 02 Jan 2008

Hello, about 4 months ago i decided to upgrade my graphics card from an intergrated intel 910 express family chipset. to a GeCube radeon 9250.

I have an Emachines 5250
Now after i did this i lost 24MB of my RAM. I started out with 512mb now i only have 488mb.

Ive tried everything to get it back. i tried firstly with the new graphics card then secondly without the new graphics card.

But both had little success. So far ive been to about 60 forums, and no-one has yet been able to help me fix my problem.

I have: Re-built my computer, changed BIOS settings, Restored BIOS settings back to default, updated drivers, unistalled the display adapters, re-installed them, changed operating system, changed back, moved the RAM to the other RAM slots, moved back, the list could continue for a long time.

Me and my dad, a computer techi are stumped. but recently we found that my computer was making 2
warnings in the event viewers under applications: 1517 and 1524

They happen when i try and turn off the computer, and says that the memory from my resiterys have not been freed.

Could this be the cause of my problem if so how can i fix it?

Any suggestions may help

Many Thanks

  SANTOS7 20:32 02 Jan 2008

The event occurs if a program or service has the Registry open while Windows XP is logging off.
not much you can do about it either it is a generic fault which you should ignore.
If you are worried about the amount of memory you have just whack some more in, 512Mb is a bit skinny by todays standards...

  Vitamin M 20:34 02 Jan 2008

It worked fine before i changed the graphics card over... so it must of been something i did... therefore i can chage it back sumhow...

Yes i was considering just buying more RAM. but i would still like to know how to fix the problem as i am a lil skint atm :(

  paul€ 20:39 02 Jan 2008

for your board click here

  MAJ 20:45 02 Jan 2008

Are you sure you started out with 512MBs, seeing as it was an integrated graphics chip that you were using? You may have 512MB of physical RAM installed, but the graphics chip will use some of that.

If you decide you want to buy more memory, you can get it if you click here

  Vitamin M 20:47 02 Jan 2008

that this occurs... and when i intoduced my dad to the matter he was baffled aswell...

Before i decided to upgrade i had 512mb or RAM and the OS system picked up 512mb of RAM I played games that the minimum reqirement is 512mb of RAM

Now it wont it picks u 24MB less.

in the BIOS there is only an option to change the level of graphics, which i have set to the maximum at the moment.

I am 100% sure i had 512mb of RAM using an intergrated grpahics card.

  DieSse 00:28 03 Jan 2008

"I am 100% sure i had 512mb of RAM using an intergrated grpahics card."

Yes that's possible with a 910 chipset, as it allocates system RAM to graphics only as required - see this quote from the 910 graphics spec on the intel site:-

"Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT) 3.0 supports up to 128MB of video memory; system memory is allocated where it is needed dynamically."

However, if my memory serves me right, there is a BIOS setting to do with "Shared VGA memory" under the Advanced settings. Make sure this is set to 0 or the least you can set it to. DO NOT adjust the Graphics Aperture setting - this is required by you ATI card too.

If there is an "Init Display First" setting, and AGP is a choice - set it to AGP

Let us know the result.

  Vitamin M 00:33 03 Jan 2008

I have tired changing the settings in the BIOS.

and no luck... I do have a 910 Chipset, but it seems to show that i can use up to 160MB of Ram for my graphics instead of the normal 128mb.

i dont understand where is extra 32mb has come from.

i was thinking about e-mailing Intel, but dont know if it will be worth it as so many tech companies have fobbed me off.

Many Thanks

Also the smallest setting i can get that to is 32mb i think... i will check it out.

  Vitamin M 00:44 03 Jan 2008

I can change the DVMT setting between the values of 32mb and 256mb
also i can change the Apature setting from 128 and 256

Then there is a third option to do with devices or sumfing like that... PCI and something else. i have it on Auto.
but none of them make a difference!

There is no shared VGA Memory tab or option what so ever in my BIOS!

My dad was looking for it but could not find it either.

Is there a way to change it in windows...? or is there another BIOS or Program to change this information...?

Many Thanks...

  DieSse 00:54 03 Jan 2008

What motherboard is it?

It may use an intel chipset, but different board designers can implement them in different ways sometimes.

Sorry I said AGP - and it's PCIe I presume.

Is it really a 910 chipset - I can only find 915 chipsets in Emachines 5250 descriptions.

There's some talk about BIOS changes for adding video cards on one forum I looked at.

  DieSse 00:57 03 Jan 2008

"There's some talk about BIOS changes .... "

BIOS upgrades, I mean, not just setting changes.

Do you know your BIOS revision?

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