Missing parts on volume control, sound not workin

  sondaige 03:13 05 Sep 2006

my computer crashed whilst i was recording into it, and when i turned back on the sound wouldnt work. i have tried reinstalling ac97 driver, but the sound still doesnt work. in the volume control tab i only have WAVE, SW SYNTH and CD PLAYER, and i believe im also supposed to have VOLUME CONTROL and LINE IN. Can anybody please help me with this? cheers steve

  sondaige 03:16 05 Sep 2006

also i have just realised that whilst playing videos, they only play for a few seconds and then freeze, until you jump to another part of the video and then it will start again for 2 seconds. cheers

  STREETWORK 06:16 05 Sep 2006

Presuming you have Win XP, can you use ststem restore to go back to a time before this happened?

  Stuartli 09:17 05 Sep 2006

In the Volume Control panel click on Options>Properties.

You can now select whatever input/outputs you need on display for both Playback and Record by ticking the relevant boxes.

What do you use to play videos? Windows Media Player?

  sondaige 11:04 05 Sep 2006

Stuartli - they have disappeared from the options bit also, cheers anyway, i do use windows media player by the way

  sondaige 11:30 05 Sep 2006

also system restore did not help the problem, cheers

  Stuartli 11:44 05 Sep 2006

You have done Options>Properties and not just Options?

  Stuartli 11:46 05 Sep 2006

Have you checked, seeing that you had a crash, that onboard sound is still Enabled in the Bios?

You might also have been unfortunate enough to suffer damage to the onboard sound chipset; could be worth trying to borrow a soundcard and seeing if that works (don't forget to Disable onboard sound in the Bios).

  sondaige 12:21 05 Sep 2006

where is bios?

  Stuartli 12:26 05 Sep 2006

When you switch your system on you should get a message after a few seconds to hit Delete (or press a particular F key) to go into Setup.

However, if you are not aware of what you are doing it's best to leave this area alone...:-)

  sondaige 13:40 05 Sep 2006

any ideas why videos only work for a few seconds? i couldnt find onboard sound in bios by the way

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