missing or corrupted files

  User-EEEE1D5E-719D-4EA6-9E34518ECB10F723 16:18 02 Aug 2007

wid 98se / format c /done
files missing c windows \ himen.sys
config sys file line8/9/11/12
c win \ emm386.exe
c win \command\vide-cdd sys
c win \command\ country sys

hma not avail low memory below 640k

any advise / many thanks ram128 hard disk 27gb / 10 gb 2nd hard d /32md 3dcard

  brundle 16:45 02 Aug 2007

You formatted and re-installed and get these messages?

thank you for advise //is there any other thing i can try install windows

please advise

  skidzy 19:37 02 Aug 2007

I use to get similar messages untill i followed these instructions.

click here

  skidzy 19:46 02 Aug 2007

Woodchip and Stuartli have kindly offered there help,please do not duplicate your thread.
This will save confusion of what you may have tried.

Woodchip knows his way around 98se very well and you would be best following his instructions.

Duplicate thread: click here

Have you created the boot/startup disk ?

w 98se above file no longer exists
net sup .vxd
press any key cont/
press enter next.

then reads

redir.vxd //
press key

fs.vxd ?

window shows

window networking dynamic library
ms np 32 dll
click ok windows starts
until you restart windows all above

same mess/ again starts

any help many thanks

  skidzy 19:40 07 Aug 2007

I dont know why you have ticked resolved and obviously you are not taking onboard the advice given here and in the duplicated thread !

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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