missing operating system

  pc mad 18:58 12 Jun 2004

hi every one back again,i cant install xp, i use my six xp set up floppies,then i put in xp cd rom, format hd from there, files are copied to installation folders, i take out last floppie system reboots and instead of continuing with xp set up i get a black screen with error message "missing operating system" the boot sequence is set to floppy, ide-0, cdrom, i have tried another hd just in case original was faulty, but still have the problem, can any one advise me please, thanks

  spikeychris 19:05 12 Jun 2004

Why are you going the floppy route? Why aren't you booting from CD-ROM?

  jimv7 19:17 12 Jun 2004

Change the boot to cdrom first boot, start with xp disk in cd, follow onscreen instructions.

  pc mad 19:26 12 Jun 2004

hi, i usually install xp with floppies, but i shall try installing through xp cd rom thanks

  pc mad 19:49 12 Jun 2004

hi chaps i tried booting from the xp cd rom i get messages "boot from atapi cd rom " and then "missing operating system" you do realise that i am trying to install xp on a formated hd and not do a clean install over xp, thanks

  spikeychris 19:52 12 Jun 2004

Do you see "Hit any key to boot from CD-ROM"? if so...hit any key and follow prompts.

  pc mad 19:58 12 Jun 2004

hi spikey, no hit any key dosent come up

  Mango Grummit 20:00 12 Jun 2004

Sorry, just stepping in here (as the thread title intrigued me) --- pc mad, you say "back again". Could you refer to an earlier post so others can try to catch up, difficult to determine where you are starting from you see.

An installation is quite straightforward so there must be more to it. (Floppies?)

  Mango Grummit 20:03 12 Jun 2004

.... 5 minutes to post?

  pc mad 20:08 12 Jun 2004

hi mango i said back again because i came in earlier today with a problem with my floppy drive not being detected in the bios, i solved it by clearing the cmos

  TTP 22:45 12 Jun 2004

sorry if this is way off,and i most probably am but.....sledgehammer - walnut - CRacKed. Floppy limit 1.44mb- install file spanning, did i mention floppies with xP setup? cmos clearing? boot order wrong for xP_ hdd-0, cdrom, floppy. Just some questions, but hey - im that kind of person...

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