Missing "mscoree.dll" file ??

  Chris69 12:16 20 Oct 2005


Whenever I run Norton Program Integrity Scan it comes up with an error of :

"C:\Program Files\Installshield\Run Time\09\01\Intel32\DotNetInstaller.exe" cannot access a necessary file "mscoree.dll".

Norton says there is no solution available as the file cannot be found anywhere on my system (I've searched also and can't find it).

Any info about what this is about ? Is it important ? If so how do I fix it ?

I've just installed Broadband and have had some problems recently with the computer getting unstable/freezing as well as some web pages refusing to fully load - and even the keyboard freezing ... could any of this be connected ?

Many thanks for any idea

Best wishes


  Hamish 12:20 20 Oct 2005

Try typing "mscoree.dll into Google as there are a number of fixes listed. Too mmany for me to list, Hope this helps

  feb 12:29 20 Oct 2005

Hi Chris69

click here

  Chris69 13:40 20 Oct 2005

Many thanks to you both - just the solution I like : "safely ignored" !!

Best wishes


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