Missing Memory ?

  dogtrack 06:42 17 Aug 2010

OS =W7 pro. Installed units, 3 x 2GB corsair, 6GB in total physical ram. Only 4 GB being seen by Windows however. Seem to recall reading somewhere a method of "switching on" RAM in excess of 4 GB. But not sure where.

Any ideas or suggestions will be warmly received.

  gengiscant 08:57 17 Aug 2010

32-bit Windows 7 is only able to address and use 3.37 GB of RAM out of the total 6 GB installed. This limitation is valid for all editions of Windows 7 32-bit.
click here will tell you more

  Graphicool1 09:22 17 Aug 2010

open an elevated command prompt (type cmd in the search box, right click the restult and choose 'Run As Administrator')

type: msconfig

This brings up the configuration utility.

Click the Boot tab, and then click the Advanced Options button.

In that window, there is a setting for Maximum Memory - Make sure the checkbox for it is clear (not checked), then reboot your computer.

  dogtrack 09:23 17 Aug 2010

Sorry Gengis, my fault, forgot to mention it is a 64 bit system. The memory was bought as a pack of 3 x 2GB sticks 1600 type.

The installation sees stick 1 & 3 but not 2....they are in right slots and seated correctly.

Just hoping it is not a duff stick. Thanks for your imput.

  dogtrack 09:28 17 Aug 2010

Have checked msconfig, Max Memory is unchecked. But thanks for your thoughts Graphicool1.

  gengiscant 10:23 17 Aug 2010

What model is your Mobo?
Have you checked the'Memory Support List' for your board.
On my last build not only did I have compatibility issues I also had a duff stick. Foutunately bought from Ebuyer so no problems in exchanging the ram.

  Graphicool1 11:26 17 Aug 2010

If - as you say - Windows can't see the xtra Ram, check for bent pins.

  Graphicool1 11:38 17 Aug 2010

"My Asus P6T did the exact same thing. It was not a Windows 7 issue at all. It was a ram timing issue. The SPD values that the motherboard was reading were completely wrong. I had to look up the voltage and timing information for the RAM I have and set it manually in the BIOS. I bet if you press tab while the BIOS is loading you will see that the motherboard is not reporting the full amount of memory that you have installed. Ever since I set the values correctly in the BIOS, I've been able to clock my RAM higher and all of it is being detected."

"I have a P6T I am thinking it detects the frequency wrong. I had them officially @ 1333Mhz, but it was detected at 1066mhz.

  dogtrack 12:46 17 Aug 2010

PC is a new build. MB is ASUS Rampage 3 and the Memory is Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 (1866 MHz)...3 x 2GB Tri Channel.

Will have a look at the frequency when i get home tonight. Thx again.

  ashleycardwell94 20:32 17 Aug 2010

have you tried swapping the ram between slots to see if it is a duff stick?

  dogtrack 07:21 18 Aug 2010

Hey Graphicool1....you are the man !!!

It was as you suggested the voltage & timing setting in the bios. All is sweet now. Thanks for the pointer.

And thanks to you other guys for your input. C Ya, Arnie.

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