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  digitaldilema 21:18 12 Jan 2003
  digitaldilema 21:18 12 Jan 2003

I have carried out an fdisk on my pc, deleted all partitions. But when i try to create a primary dos partition it only recognises 504 mb, my hard drive is a 3gb. Hence when i try to reinstall windows it says something like not enough space windows needs 700000kb or something like that.In cmos my hard drive is 47= user type,6256 cyln, 16 head,65535 wpcom, 6256 Lzone, 63 sect,and size 3079.Where have i gone wrong?. Please can someone explain exactly in laymans terms how icreaye new partitions.

  woodchip 21:22 12 Jan 2003

did you choose Y yes to use all the drive when you FDISK

  Ironman556 21:32 12 Jan 2003

You could try click here they have some FDisk utilities that can handle Large drives >32Gigs, maybe they have an FDisk version you could try instead.

  digitaldilema 21:34 12 Jan 2003

woodchip, yes, but then when i reboot, go into create primary dos partition it says partition C:, status A, Type PRI DOS, volume label nothing, Mbytes 504, system UNKNOWN, Usage 100%.

  WaTcHiNg 21:46 12 Jan 2003

Make sure you use a Win98 boot disk. Older Win95/DOS boot disks do not understand large disks/FAT32 and therefore do not give you the option to enable large drive support.

This would cause your system to limit the maximum partition to 504MB.

  digitaldilema 22:12 12 Jan 2003

WATCHING, I am at the moment using a win ME boot disk, because both win 95 or 98 will not boot the machine into A: prompt. It just comes up with Invalid media type reading drive C. Abort, retry, fail.

  digitaldilema 22:13 12 Jan 2003

watching, by the way on boot up i am not asked about fat32 at all.

  BRYNIT 22:29 12 Jan 2003

It may be a silly question but have you gone back into fdisk and checked you have removed ALL partitions B4 creating your primary partition.

  The PC Doctor 22:31 12 Jan 2003

click here and go to my programs page to download my bootdisk it works for most size Hard Drives (It did on my 80gig I've yet to try it on my new 120gig)

Boot up using this boot disk (it will prompt Win95 but it will work) and at the a:> prompt go into fdisk. Say yes to large Hdd support.

Once in there remove all partitions/drives then go to make partitions/drives primary DOS drive FDISK will normally, by default chose 100% but make sure it is.

Once have done this and made the partition/drive exit Fdisk and reboot your PC. When re-booted, at the A:> prompt, type 'format c:' now format your Hard Drive. When completed again re-boot then at the A:> prompt type in C: - you now be looking at the C:> prompt. Type in DIR and you should see your full Hard Drive size.

All these instructions will work as stated using my bootdisk - they should with any other but I can't guarantee it.

  DieSse 01:35 13 Jan 2003

How old is your system - particulary old machines will not recognise drives above 504Mb unless special disk management software is installed on the drive first.

Also, can you look in the BIOS and make sure that LBA mode is selected for your drive.

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