Missing Hard Drive Space

  superhoops 13:39 01 Dec 2006

I have 2 hard drives. Main drive C I use for general installations and documents etc etc. Second hard drive G I use as a mirror backup from Drive C. The hard drive is supposed to be 200gb. I know it always is less than advertised and in My Computer the disc is shown as 186gb. The backups total 39gb and yet the free space is shown as 129gb. 186gb minus 39gb is 147 gb. So where is the missing 18gb?? Weird I cant work it out

  anskyber 13:41 01 Dec 2006

Try Start right click my computer (not left click) manage then disc management will show you if there are partitions being use for anything.

  superhoops 13:50 01 Dec 2006

Thnaks for reply. Just shows G Drive 186gb capacity, 129gb free space.

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