Missing hard drive space

  andman123 15:58 30 Mar 2004

Missing free space
I have a 120GB hard drive. Using win xp pro, in explorer, clicking on the C-drive in the left pane brings up all the folders/files on the right. Highlighting all of these, right clicking and choosing 'Properties' from the menu brings up a total used space of just under 11GB. Right clicking on the C-drive in My Computer and choosing 'Properties' informs me that there is over 80GB of used space and only 30GB free. So what is eating my hard drive?
I have emptied the recycle bin as well and removed temp files etc. I have used Norton Doctor to check the hard drive for errors and used Speed disk to de-frag it. This also reported a high 'used' area. But I don't know what it is!

The problem seems to have arisen after installing a slave drive (300GB). This is reporting used/free space ok.

Please help - otherwise I'll be left to backup the important stuff and re-format the drive.

Thanks in advance.

  Faser 18:05 30 Mar 2004

I have seen incorrect free space reports when privacy software like Cyberscrub has been used to wipe the slack of a hard drive.

Also are you sure your motherboard can support such a huge amount of HDD, mine can't.

Have you checked for hidden files. I assume you have up to date firewall and anti-virus software and a drug/porn baron isn't using your PC via the net for his accounts!

  keith-236785 20:19 30 Mar 2004

in explorer, goto tools/folder options, click the view tab, scroll down to the

"hide protected operating system files (recommended)" and remove the tick, ok the warning that appears.

then try again highlighting ALL the floders in the right pane of explorer and right click/properties. see if it reports the missing space.

it is possible that system restore is eating more hard drive than it should.

if you find it is, change the setting in system restore (right click My Computer/properties/system restore tab) to use less drive space.

dont forget to put the tick back in the box to protect your pc from You....

good luck

  andman123 22:45 30 Mar 2004

Think I resolved the problem by removing Norton Systemworks - everything is back to normal. Must have been something to do with the Norton Protected Recycle Bin.

System restore was also hogging too much, so thanks for that tip as well.

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