Missing Hard Drive

  wingfield 22:50 22 Apr 2008

I've just got my pc back from the repair shop and one of my hard drives isn't being recognised. One of them is connected by a standard grey ribbon connecting the dvd drive and one of the hard drives to the mobo, the other hard drive has a thin flat cable going to the mobo. I don't think they disconneced anything as the report said there was Windows files missing which was causing the trouble. Is there anything I can do to make it search for the drive?

  FatboySlim71 23:27 22 Apr 2008

"Is there anything I can do to make it search for the drive?"

I am describing it from using Vista although I believe XP is the same or very similar.

1: Right click on MY COMPUTER, from the menu select MANAGE, on Vista a window opens called computer management, down the left handside you will see an option called DISK MANAGEMENT, can you click on the this with the left mouse button and see if your hard drive (that is missing) is shown, if not go to the ACTION MENU and choose RESCAN DISKS and see if this solves missing hard drive.

  wingfield 23:37 22 Apr 2008

Done that but no joy. Missing HD not shown in disk management nor does it appear when I do rescan discs

  Ashrich 23:42 22 Apr 2008

It sounds like the other drive is connected by a SATA cable , is it being detected in the bios or when the PC is posting ?

As your motherboard has these SATA connections and they have done a Windows repair they may not have loaded the SATA drivers again , this , as far as I am aware , can only be done during the install ( it says press f6 to install raid drivers ) they have to be loaded on to a floppy disk before starting the install .


  wingfield 23:50 22 Apr 2008

Great!! So where do I go from here? Take it back again?

  wingfield 23:51 22 Apr 2008

I'm off to bed now - thanks for your help. See what tomorrow brings

  Lee.C 00:06 23 Apr 2008

I've got a theory but this only works if the following is true....

1. You've got Windows XP.
2. The thinner cabled drive is a SATA drive.
3. It's the SATA drive that's gone 'missing'.

If that's correct, this is what I think has happened....

1. The repair shop has reinstalled XP from scratch.

2. The standard XP reinstallation disc is normally unable to recognise a SATA drive without manually installing special drivers early in the setup process. Without these drivers it will report 'no hard drive found'.

3. However, because you also have an IDE drive (the ribboned one) which XP does know about, it didn't notice/report a problem and installed Windows on that drive instead.

The quickest solution will be to visit the support page of your motherboard manufacturers website and download the relevant SATA drivers yourself. Hopefully once these are installed, Windows will pick up the drive on the next reboot.
Alternatively, you could take it back to the repair shop and get them to set up Windows properly (it really ought to be installed on the SATA drive as you'll get better overall performance).

  Lee.C 00:16 23 Apr 2008

Ah, Ashrich beat me to it - that post wasn't there when I started typing :)

I may be wrong but I think it's possible to load the SATA drivers after XP is installed. If not, you're definitely going to need to to take it back to the repair shop.

  Ashrich 19:53 23 Apr 2008

I also had the same thought , as a working drive has Windows already loaded it MIGHT be possible to then load the SATA driver and see if Windows then picks up the other drive . The SATA drive will be on the motherboard disk with the other motherboard drivers .


  wingfield 13:50 24 Apr 2008

Guys - would you believe whan I open the case and had a look which HD was connected to the SATA and which to the IDE I found the IDE one wasn't connected to a pwoer cable? I can fix that I said and whallah!! all is fine at last.

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