Missing Hard drive...

  AndyC121 21:06 10 Sep 2007

Help please.....

My computer is not recognising my second hard drive (e drive) - it is not showing up if you go to Start/My Computer and if you click on any programme short cuts to launch from that drive it can not find them.

The only thing of difference that I (think) I have down is remove a couple of programmes from the Start/All Programmes/Start Up file to clean up start up.

I was getting a couple of error messages for a Symantec programme - so decided to delete the whole programme to see if rebooting would bring the hard drive back but nothing.

Any help on locating the hard drive and re-installing without losing the info on it would be much appreciated.

  skidzy 21:09 10 Sep 2007

Is the drive listed in Disc management ?

Start /Right click My Computer / Manage / Disk Management.

Assuming xp/Vista

  AndyC121 21:11 10 Sep 2007

Hi Skidzy
No its not in there (XP btw).


  skidzy 21:24 10 Sep 2007

How about device manager ? is it listed...i doubt it will be.

If the pc is not new and under warranty,i would check the ide/sata cables within the tower...possibly come loose...remove the E:\ drive and reconnect.Though this would be unlikely unless you have been inside the tower.

Also check the bios.

  AndyC121 21:35 10 Sep 2007

Hi Skidzy,

the hard drive appears in device manager...interestingly if I click on the C: drive in device manager there is a button that allows me to disable the drive - but for my second drive there is no such button.

Computer not new, and I have not been in the tower, and as device manager is showing the drive I can only presume it is not a loose cable.

  skidzy 21:37 10 Sep 2007

Strange !

Have you tried uninstalling the drive via device manager and reboot,hopefully xp will locate the drive and reinstall this associating a drive letter.

  AndyC121 21:41 10 Sep 2007

if I uninstall in device manager will it affect any of the data on the hard drive? gutted if I lose itunes songs I have clearly not backed up (GULP!!)

time to have a look in the case to see if there are 2 physical drives,and rule out virtual or mapped drive maybe

  AndyC121 21:45 10 Sep 2007

problem solved.....

Instead of rebooting the computer I turned it off completely - on rebooting all the right icons were on my desktop and I successfully launched a programme (Civilisation BTS).

I think the computer needed to completely shut down so to allow the changes I mage to the 'Start Menu' to work properly - but like I said that's all I can think.

Appreciate the help

  skidzy 21:49 10 Sep 2007

Cheers Andy for posting the solution.

Hi Raven :-)

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