Missing hard drive

  Ricktan 18:11 02 Nov 2004

I run 98SE, 2 h/ds. Reformatted c drive using quick format and boot disc. C drive is ok but d drive doesn't appear in my comp. It shows on boot up, and setup and in systems/device manager but has not been assigned a letter.
It contains only backups, which were backedup to cd before the reformat so I only want my d drive back, the contents don't matter.
Any help appreciated


  Diodorus Siculus 19:42 02 Nov 2004

Try removing it from the device manager and see if it is recognised when you reboot.

  spikeychris 19:51 02 Nov 2004

If removing the drive doesnt work then boot to safe mode and go back to Device Manager, expand the Disk drives
category, and remove both the listed hard drives.
Expand the Hard Disk Controllers category, and remove all the Hard disk
controller entries Windows will let you remove.
Click OK, then re-start in normal mode Windows, and let it re-detect the
controllers and drives.

  Ricktan 21:24 02 Nov 2004

Removed the drive from device manager and rebooted. Drive back everywhere except my comp and window explorer.

Tried booting to safe mode by holding down control key when booting up and windows continued to load.

How do I get into safe mode?


  spikeychris 21:37 02 Nov 2004

Press F5 or F8 whilst booting.

  spikeychris 21:39 02 Nov 2004

BTW it could take a few re-boots for Windows to add all the device's correctly after you remove them.

  Ricktan 22:02 02 Nov 2004

Tried F8 and it didn't work but tried again using msconfig. Got into safe mode and removed two hard drives but only one hard disk controller, it wouldn't allow me to remove the other two two. Rebooted in normal mode, everything back as before, no 2nd hard drive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:20 02 Nov 2004

remove IDE controller in device manager and re install

  josie mayhem 22:34 02 Nov 2004

Try reformating the 2nd drive, could be that it's is running on a different file system. Can't remember weather win98 can run either fats or fat32 system or just fats32.

You can reformat with either the disc supplied with the hard drive, or you can use the win98 start up disc (floppy) using the f/disk ultility.

A clean drive should show up.

I'm assuming that you've checked the jumpers on each drive are correctly set, one to master and the other to slave (slave being 2nd hard drive)

  Ricktan 10:04 03 Nov 2004

It's a bit difficult formatting the second drive. It apperas on the bootup screen, device manager and setup.

However, in device manager, when I check its properties it doesn't have a drive letter so there is nothing to type in a the prompt.

The second drive has been installed for a couple of years and survived other reformats. So presumably the jumpers are ok.

  Diemmess 10:40 03 Nov 2004

If you have 2 Hard drives, but neither is partitioned then why not disconnect the valid drive and connect only the reluctant one (its Jumper set to CSL or Auto)......you only need to swop power and data leads and lean the HD somewhere where it wont get knocked while you do what follows.

Then boot from the floppy and see if you can change from A: to C: (Type C:)

If you can get to C:> then type DIR.

You should see at least the size, and what if any folders are listed as well as the free space.

If you can't reach the C:> prompt and have an error message like "Bad Command" then you will have to type FDISK - Enter and see what you do have......
I suspect this is where you are going next.

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