Missing Gbts

  molar 21:25 16 Mar 2009

A friend has a C drive of 20Gb and there are 18Gb occupied. Hidden files are ticked to show. We can only find 11Gb.
Has anyone any idea where to look for the missing 9Gb

  Terry Brown 21:29 16 Mar 2009

Have you also clicked System Files?

You will lose some when you format the Harddrive.

You may have a hidden partition

from RUN type diskmgnt.msc to bring up the disk manager to check.

  mooly 12:52 17 Mar 2009

Could be restore points taking up space ? Run disk cleanup and select the "more options" tab. Select delete shadow copies etc !
20 GB is tiny ?

  molar 12:59 17 Mar 2009

Yes 20Gb is very small. He is intending to put in a much larger C drive HD - this will be another question entirely.He has two other much larger drives in place

Nothing on the suggestion from Terry Brown but will look at mooly suggestion.

Many thanks for taking the trouble to respond

  molar 16:10 17 Mar 2009

He has done what mooley suggested and got back nearly all the missing Gbs.
Now all he has to do is fit a new "C" disc and get everything moved to it

Thanks everyone

  mooly 16:48 17 Mar 2009

Thats good. Remember that the restore points will gradually eat back into that free space as new ones are created. If you do a search you can tell the system how much space to reserve for restore points... can't remember of the top of my head how to do it.

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