missing gapi32.dll

  Chris the Ancient 18:23 30 Jan 2003

Currently running XP on an ancient, steam-driven machine.

If I use Norton WinDoctor, it reports that Windows\System32\Mapisrvr.exe cannot access a necessary file "gapi32.dll".

I ran system file checker, no hassle, but still that same result

My pc is working fine, so...

Where's it gone?

Do I need it?

If so, how do I get it back?



  cracker23 18:40 30 Jan 2003

same thing happened to me go here click here

  cracker23 18:43 30 Jan 2003

sorry that didn't work and i'm not sure how to do it so i'll have to leave it to someone else to show you where the link is-anyway it's nothing to worry about it's a fault with norton-sorry about the confusion

  Chris the Ancient 18:43 30 Jan 2003

Thanks for the help. However, at the minute, that page is not available!

I shall try again later.


  Chris the Ancient 18:44 30 Jan 2003

The simultaneous replies strike again!

  Joe McG 18:50 30 Jan 2003

Chris the Ancient, you can download it from here.
I would surmise that if you copy and paste the file into windows/system and windows/system32, that it should sort your problem. click here

  Sparks 18:54 30 Jan 2003

If you need the file "gapi32.dll" or many other "dll" files you can get them from click here

  cracker23 18:55 30 Jan 2003

type mapisrvr.exe in the search box above-all discussions-and you'll find a thread by BBM all you need to know is there-got there in the end-i hope so anyway!!!

  Chris the Ancient 18:57 30 Jan 2003

Many thanks.

Done and dusted - and we'll see what happens in the future with it!


  Sparks 18:58 30 Jan 2003

I'll have to speed up my typing.

  Chris the Ancient 18:59 30 Jan 2003

So, thanks to you as well. We must have both posted at the same time as well!

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