missing files on W95

  Flying Teddy 22:10 15 May 2003

A friend (yes, really!) has phoned me with a problem - she has W95, and on startup it reports 'cannot find file ES 688' and 'cannot fing file ES1688' - no suffixes. From her somewhat inexpert description, I think this occurs during DOS startup. W95 then opens in safe mode only, and reports that the boot sector has been changed, and that there is a problem with "the audio drive", but does not offer any solutions or recovery procedures. I talker her through removing the sound card driver, but that didn't help.

My immediate thoughts are a) a virus and b) a rogue entry in autoexec.bat or config.sys. She says that nothing has been installed, and no network connection has been made since the last succesful start-up.

I have volunteered (sucker....) to have a look in the morning, but quite frankly I'm not hopeful, as I'm not much more knowledgeable than she is, so I'd appreciate any ideas that people may have on the cause of this...

  Lú-tzé 22:29 15 May 2003

Don't know the cause, but would suggest you arm yourself with a bootable floppy which has cd-rom support, from, for example, click here and be prepared to reinstall Win95 (even over the current installation). That at least should get your friend going again.

  woodchip 22:48 15 May 2003

As she made a startup disc before this Prob happened, If so tell her to start comp with the disc and type Sys /C: note the space before slash,press enter

  Flying Teddy 23:22 15 May 2003

..thanks for the suggestions. I'm off to bed now, I'll post again tomorrow with the results - if any!

  Cuddles 12:08 16 May 2003

ES1688 is an audio driver for a sound card so i would imagine thats where the problem is

  Switcher 12:15 16 May 2003

Sounds like an entry in in the Autoexec.bat file or Config.sys file regarding her sound card.

However I would not expect that to invoke a safe mode startup.

  Flying Teddy 17:22 16 May 2003

Hmmm - I'll try and type this again - this is the second time PCA has told me I'm trying to access a forbidden page when posting a message, resulting ion the loss of the message.

There were two problems. first a virus had got at the MBR (name = 'form'), This, as advised, was sorted with FDISK/MBR. The second was hugely complicated autoexec.bat and config.sys files, which offered a menu driven start up, asking if I wanted XMS or EMS and all kinds of DOS memory stuff. I renamed them and replaced them with new ones containing the minimum of things to keep the DOS environment happy. They also called for esscfg and essvol. As she doesn't have any speakers, I decided to ignore these calls and leave them out. W95 now starts ok.

The only problem now is the cd-rom doesn't work in W95, and so I asked windows to install a generic driver (original disk missing and manufacturer unknown). 'Certainly' said the system, 'please insert W95 CD in the cd-rom drive'. And I thought programming was supposed to be logical...

Anyway, she can now print off her invoices and stuff, and I'm off to find a generic cd-rom driver so she can install a virus checker!

  woodchip 22:28 16 May 2003

It will not work in Windows MSCDEX is the Windows CD rom Driver. if you can see the CD rom in Device Manager remove it and reboot the computer it should setup the CD again

  anchor 12:46 17 May 2003

If the tip from woodchip does not work, then oakcdrom.sys is a generic cd-rom driver that works with most, but not all, cd drives.

Download it here:
click here

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