"Missing files" messages; cannot run some programs

  df118 11:53 03 Mar 2004

Have Bazooka, Norton Antivirus, Paperport, Soft writing, Adobe,; running Win 98 2nd ed. Bazooka showed I had picked up the MSMedia Player GUID spy thing ( I THINK from my son"s use of wanting to dowload and run MSN Messenger ( I THINK verson 6 ( HAVE now removed THAT!!!)) on this computer to be able to use a web site he " visits" to speak with his " friends"; computer HAD been clear of spy things BEFORE as have run Bazooka and showed " clear" . no way of removing that , so downloaded and tried Spyhunter and Spykiller ; BOTH had to be paid for after " trial", before being able to use them to remove the spyware they SAID I have here so removed BOTH with seemingly NO problems. NOW, though, my computer will NOT run Bazooka,nor will it allow me to run the Manual Live Update ( although the Norton DID run its OWN automatic live update today!!!!); it will NOT let me run Paperport,nor Adobe; as far as I can tell, everything else SEEMS to be running, including my internet connection with is broadband; I can still send and receive e mails etc.I am being told I am " missing files" one of which is OLEPRO32.DLL
the LAST time I did something like this I ended up with a VERY EXPENSIVE repair bill , having attempted to download the missing file from a web site and almost wiped off my entire computer memory(****).
????any offers or suggestions as to what i can do to sort this out; I am NOT an expert on computers by ANY means, so assume you are dealing with err an idiot(!!!!)
My Norton is telling me I need to reinstall it, although it still runs to check the system ; Bazooka is no good if it will not remove the bugs, but how to get rid of IT withough wiping off any MORE files, and DO Spyhunter and Spykiller TAKE OFF files with them when they ARE uninstalled???? I only had them on here for about an hour to see if they could help...(YUK)...will see if I CAN find the names of and psot the missing file things for anyone to help; but ANYONE got any clues as to how I sort this out PLEASE; sorry its so long but...this is what I done...ho do I try and sort it out? thanks folks in anticipation of help from the forum...

  Diodorus Siculus 12:08 03 Mar 2004

If I were you, I would go for a clean install of your operating system if that is a possibility.

If not, then go to start, run and type in


and click Run.

The scan for missing / changed files.
Finally, try AdAware or Spybot Search and destroy:

click here

click here


  df118 12:10 03 Mar 2004

before you ask no i do NOT have System Restore on this computer as have just looked FOR it, AND have recently visited Windows to put in all my new patches that it siad I needed.any help or comments would be appreciated.ta have not yet found the other file eror messages, will keep trying and post thm. but is there a " simple" solution to this ( being ME though I doubt it!!!!!)

  JIM 12:19 03 Mar 2004

Mistake being caught out by Spyhunter and Spykiller
and Paying for.

After checking out the above from Diodorus Siculus
Do a windows 98 sfc check form the run command.

Reinstall your software for Paperport and Adobe and any other missing programs or files first then see what else comes up.

  df118 12:23 03 Mar 2004

thanks for above but have already RUN sfc whih tells me I am " missing or corrupted" 8 files...( AND my brain!!!!))have thought OF reinstalling my Paperport, but will I do MORE damage by having to uninstall it BEFORE reinstalling it...
fiels shown as " wrong " are
all .dll
may go to Google and see what THAT can offer, but any help would be useful; danger IS, if I uninstall anythinf else will THAT take somethign ELSE off with IT???!!! AND computer suystem tells m that S[pyhunter is still on computer SOMEWHERE as system tools thing says it is...
the joys(!!!)) of computing!!!!
the printer still works(!!!!)
I have " been here before" and do NOT want ANOTHER 4 figure sum repair bill!!!!!

  JIM 12:48 03 Mar 2004

your( addition to above from df118 ) post tells me your in a fine mess with your system.Looking at the files missing and there attached programs i would repectfully suggest at the very least you do an over the top install of windows. That dont cost money :)

Ideally would go back to square one if it was me and formatt/clean install.

  df118 13:02 03 Mar 2004

thanks for that but to what DO those " missing files" relate???
can still run softscan as have just done so, and printed from that; can still run most things including e mail etc, and Guard IE which works beautifully!!!!enlighten me as to what those mising files relate; they are either missing or corrupt accoording to System File checker.so what are they " bugering up" to coin a phrase.....

  JIM 15:26 03 Mar 2004

and only my oppinion/suggestion.(no offence intended )

MSN Messenger as used by my daughter dont go down to well with me :) (spyware and bugs galore,picked up.Always wary off)

setupx - setupx.dll - DLL Information
DLL File: setupx or setupx.dll
DLL Name: Windows Setup Functions
Description: DLL that contains functions used by the Windows Setup.
Part Of: Windows Setup
System DLL: Yes
Common Errors: File Not Found, Missing File, Exception Errors

msoss - msoss.dll - DLL Information

DLL File: msoss or msoss.dll

DLL Name: Microsoft Trust ASN APIs
Description: File that contains functions used by the Microsoft Trust ASN API, including encoding and decoding functions.

Part Of: Windows
System DLL: Yes Common Errors: File Not Found, Missing File, Exception Errors

Cryptext.dll /Cryptnet.dll = Internet Explorer Repair Tool

mscat32/mssign32/ mssip32/cryptui

click here

  df118 14:06 06 Mar 2004

as I cannot get into my postings for some reason, am putting this on; have run sfc ; have run file system on lap top and IT backed ITSELF up ; so where on THIS computer should I find the back-up files, assuming there ARE some to FIND. remember, I AM a novice at this. I have already un and reloaded scan soft and paper port but they still refuse to work; the norton virus dseems to be updating itself by another link at present but will not let mE live update,; I would have thought that there SHOULD BE a back up system SOMEWHERE on this thing... so where do I go hunting FOR it??????

  df118 19:32 06 Mar 2004

have now sussed out why I could not get back to see my postings....
next bit of help; can anyone tell me where I can find windows repair tool, or system repair tool, neither of which seem to be on my computer; HAVE managed to "copy" the missing files from my lap top onto floppy,; but have yet to get them onto main computer; and how do I get the computer to accept the olepro32.dll file that is missing fromt eh computer; is there a Norton antivirus repair tool as I cannot find that either on my computer?????? I AM " getting there" but it is finding out how TO " get there" without creating yet MORE problems and doing any more dmage than already done.......

  JIM 19:42 06 Mar 2004

On your system.Go to my computer,open up "C drive" and then open up The "Windows Folder"

You will see "show files".Click on it and open up and look for the folder called "Options".

Click and open up that folder and Look for the folder called "Cabs".Click and open the "Cabs" folder.

You should see in that folder a lot of other files and cab folders,including a icon(computer like) called Setup EXE,which is the Windows 98 Setup EXE. Which when clicked on should start install of "windows" over the top of its self.

"If that is the case" and the above are there,(cross out all windows) come back and let us know.

"Unless you decide" to Click on the "Setup EXE" icon and start the install of Windows,FOLLOWING the instuctions etc.

If the above information is not there you will have to use your Win 98 cd and install over the top with some added info.

I do hope your clear of any virus,spyware or tojans as you may waste your time/effort if not.

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