Missing Files

  charlie whisky 20:48 03 Dec 2004

Hello Fellow Sufferers
Am getting onto WEB by using my old PC!
Sorry I'm soon back on the forum - having trouble with "new" Pc again - 2GHz Athlon with 512MB DDR abd 160GB hard drive running Windows XP Pro.
Have been trouble free since curing "out of memory" problem, thanks to invaluable advice.

3 nights ago shut down as usual in correct manner - next day came total refusal to boot up, together with error message " ... NTLDR missing ... ". Went into "Find File" mode - Nothing doing. Fired up Windows Explorer and found virtually NO files visible on screen!
Booted up with floppy into A prompt mode and did the old "dir /p" routine - this gave me the same bad news together with the old DOS error "File not found".

All tests were reporting "23GB free" which is about right for the file load that I had on the disk - no files still being reported.
Removed the hard drive, set it to Slave and put it into this PC - Bios set it up no trouble (LBA of course) but on doing the old "My Computer" routine and firing up the D drive to OPEN , still NO files showing and 23GB free!
Running Scandisk on the suspect drive shows everything OK!

Had I backed up my document files beforehand? Guess What********

Charlie Whisky

  stalion 20:54 03 Dec 2004

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