Missing file smartvsd.vxd

  Newuser3296 10:27 01 Feb 2003

When I try to use System Suite's 'Smart Defender' I'm told that it can't find smartvsd.vxd. Neither can I, anywhere on the hard drive, or in my CABfiles listing (Windows 98).

Anyone know where I can get it? Microsoft don't seem to list it as a separate download.

  bvw in bristol 10:45 01 Feb 2003

After you install Windows 98, you may not have full functionality with some PC 98 hardware.
This behavior occurs because the Smartvsd.vxd file is not included in the retail version of Windows 98. This file is present in the Windows\System\Iosubsys folder on a computer that is upgraded from Microsoft Windows 95, but this file is not present after completing a fresh install of Windows 98.

From:click here

  Newuser3296 11:53 01 Feb 2003

Thank you, bvw in bristol, for your prompt reply. I had, in fact, managed to find that already (and the "SMART functionality not available in clean windows installation" - 265854: "find copy in \system folder and move it into \system\Iosubsys")articles, but had hoped to get a copy of the file without having to (a) navigate through the Microsoft labyrinth; (b) download lots of other stuff at the same time; (c) pay for phone support.

  burgerburn 12:59 01 Feb 2003


I have got the smartvsd.vxd on my machine if you want me to send it to you in an email let me know

it is ver 4.10.2222 Win98SE

  burgerburn 13:01 01 Feb 2003

additional info i did not upgrade from 95 this is on a machine which was a clean install of Win 98SE

  burgerburn 13:09 01 Feb 2003

I have also found a copy of it on a windows 95B disc as well (earlier version 4.00.1111)which i could send

  Ironman556 15:22 01 Feb 2003

I just have done because my creative software couldn't find Devcon32.dll, one small download and "can't find..." error message fixed.

  burgerburn 16:10 01 Feb 2003


if you require a copy of the file please let me have your email address and i will send it to you is it only 18Kb [email protected]

  Newuser3296 19:05 09 Feb 2003

Thanks to all for your suggestions. In the end I thought of an even simpler one myself - to see if it was on my wife's computer. It was.
Recommended strategy: try the obvious first, if only you have the intelligence to think of it!

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