Missing entry point in PSAPI.DLL

  Redcoat 13:41 20 May 2006

I run XP Home with SP2 andrecently installed Windows Defender (Beta 2) and IE 6. I now get on startup - Smart Bridge Alerts: BTHelpNotifier.exe entry popint not found. The procedure entry point GetProcessImageFileWaveW could not be located in the dynamic link library PSAPI.Dll.

Any suggestions to overcome, I am of intermediate experience?

  skidzy 14:18 20 May 2006

Have you tried system restore ?

  skidzy 14:26 20 May 2006

click here
Is your internet actually working with IE6 or are you posting from another pc connection somewhere ?

  skidzy 14:32 20 May 2006

System tray icon for the Virtual Assistant from BT Broadband, used to communicate internet problems via the network rather than telephone. Available via desktop shortcut or Start -> Programs - not required

Taken from click here

If this still gives you problems,i would try to reinstall the broadband software.

  Fay2 17:17 25 Nov 2006

I've just installed IE7 and have the same error message as Redcoat.....Can anyone please explain in 'novice terms' what the heck it means and what I have to do.

All the PSAPI DLL files appear to refer to BTbroadband.....


  anskyber 17:19 25 Nov 2006

BT and some NTL or Blueyonder broadband users have experienced error message like "SmartBridge Alerts:-Alert BT Help Notifier.exe (or MotiveSB.exe for NTL or IST for Blueyonder) Entry Point Not Found The procedure entry point GetProcessImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library PSAPI.DLL"

This relates to the BT ( NTL, Blueyonder) desktop helper. The simplest way to deal with it is to uninstall it if you do not use it or take it out of your start up list. The program name will be something like Motive Communications or Motive SB.

Alternatively, 1. Navigate to the installation location for SmartBridge via My Computer (\Program Files\Alert BT Help Notifier.exe (or Motive SBexe. for NTL or IST\SmartBridge for Blueyonder)
2. Find PSAPI.DLL and rename it to something like PSAPIOLD.DLL
3. Reboot the system

The program will find the new PSAPI.DLL in the \Windows\System32 directory and function normally.

To disable a start up program click here
Or, if you have Spybot Search and Destroy use their start up control tool.

  Fay2 17:51 25 Nov 2006

Thanks anskyber....posted a reply...and it's vanished.

Start again
I don't know if I dare start changing files.
I will go into Program files etc and have a look but I do know there's seven PSAPI DLL files...hope I can find the right one.

What is GetProcessImageFileNameW...for...I don't know if I use it or not?

  Fay2 18:07 25 Nov 2006

Thanks again anskyber.......can't believe it.....I've done it......added 'old' to the file.

Well...it's got rid of the error message....nothing else will 'not happen' that 'should happen'.... will it?????

Thanks again


  anskyber 18:08 25 Nov 2006

It'll be fine!

  nIkKint 00:09 08 Jan 2007

Is this a program that is downloaded through the dsl setup, or is this a miscellanous program that can be removed. We received a similar message to the one that you received "missing entry point PSAPI.DLL". What is this?

  muse1 10:40 12 Jul 2008

Have just uninstalled the BT Broadband Help from desk top and no more error messages.

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