Missing Emails ????

  roygbiv 07:15 02 Jun 2009

Some of my emails have not been recieved ??

These emails are NOT new addresses.

seems just a few important addresses.

I cant send to the address OK, but cant recieve, from the same address, even if they use the reply button.

it seems this may of happened at the same time as I started using a BT home hub ??.
Laptop (Vista) on wireless
Desktop (XP) connected by ethernet cable.

I have looked in the obivous places (junk, deleted.

  ened 07:24 02 Jun 2009

I am with AOL and, with AOL, it is possible to go on line and see if the outgoing mail has passed through their server.

More pertinently, if you think you are having a problem, and the mail is important, you could always send it from the mail webpage of your isp rather than from your desktop.

  roygbiv 09:34 02 Jun 2009

OK Thanks, will try that later.

But what I cant understand, why this has happened, with just some emails, all the rest are OK ????

  ened 10:01 02 Jun 2009

Could be an isp problem which will (miraculously) resolve itself.

You're not trying to send large attachments are you?

  skeletal 11:43 02 Jun 2009

Over the years I have had the following experiences with emails:

Emails being sent; then being “lost in the ether” for a few days; then arriving.
Emails arriving very quickly, then an identical email appearing many weeks later (VERY confusing!).
Emails being blocked by “SPAM catchers”. When someone spams using, say blueyonder, some service providers block every message from blueyonder. I went through a phase where one company I regularly email, no longer received my emails. This was the reason. After a few weeks, I was OK again as the service provider re-enabled the messages.
Another company’s firewall rejected any emails with Word document attachments containing a company logo. How on earth a few squiggles could be interpreted as a virus is anyone’s guess!

So, take your pick as to possible causes!

To try to get to the bottom of the problem, try sending/receiving simple emails with no attachments, and set up a hotmail account and do the same.


  roygbiv 11:43 02 Jun 2009

NO attachments, just run of the mill text.

seems, very odd to "just happen", to just some ???

just noticed its between oown company domains and BT internet.

  skeletal 12:26 02 Jun 2009

At least you can eliminate dodgy attachments then!

You need to track down exactly which company and/or person where the problem lies. Is it ALWAYS just one person, or just one company, OR several companies/people?

In my examples, all correspondence had been fine, and then it just failed, out of the blue, as the ISP/software at the receiver’s end, blocked it.

The difference is, with me, I had changed nothing on my computer/modem etc etc, so I knew it had to be external.

I ended up contacting the IT people at the affected companies; it was they who then jumped through many hoops to get the problem sorted. In the case of the ISP being at fault, they don’t seem to care that they are blocking business emails and potentially wrecking a company’s business!

In your case, it is possible that the BT home hub has some sort of blocker/problem, but it is something I can’t comment on as I know nothing about them. Can you remove it from your system and connect your computer direct to the modem? That would eliminate the hub as being the cause.


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