Missing Eimails

  SparkyJack 09:18 14 Jan 2012

I guess we are familiar with having sent an E-mail for it to 'bounce' back with the the inevitable Deamon warning - *address not found*

This topic is not about that,He did not open such an account.strong text

A group of us communicate with a Q&A round robin on a topic common to us.. He did not open such an account. One member however frequently complains that there appear to be gaps in the sequence-with missing E-mails.

Yet there are no bounce backs- and the mails are sent in the reply mode so that they should get to the addressee.[As they do in other members of the group]

So I went to this individuals house to look at his In box.

Sure enough there are gaps.

His ISP is Talk Talk and his address is [email protected]

He reads his mail via the web link and not an Email Client.

However he reports that in recent times mails have been coming in on a G,mail.com header.

Seemingingly something that TT has imposed-

So any idea what is [or not] going on here?

He did not open such an account.

  SparkyJack 09:23 14 Jan 2012

Line three of the about contains an error

He did not open such an account.strong text

This line got here by some electronic quirk or fick fingers this chilly morn.

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