Missing drivers etc for 98SE for QuickCam Pro 4000

  User-205723 23:14 30 Dec 2005

I am trying to install a Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000 on a Dell computer running Windows 98SE. When I try to install it I get serveral messages that files (for example iyuv_32.dll, vfwwdm.drv, usbaudio.sys etc) are missing from my computer. Apparently these are on the Windows 98SE update CD-ROM which I do not have. I had assumed running Windows update on a regular basis would have install all updates.

Is there somewhere I can get or download the files or the whole of Windows 98SE update CD-ROM?

A search on Microsoft's web site does not provide any help apart from a list of files on the update CD.

Thanks for any help.

  Stuartli 23:35 30 Dec 2005

Why not just try the Logitech website...

  Stuartli 23:36 30 Dec 2005

Running SFC with your 98SE disk in your drive should install any missing files.

  User-205723 09:31 31 Dec 2005

Thanks for the help.

I have tried the Logitech web site but could not find all the files there.

What is SFC?

  Hamish 09:52 31 Dec 2005

Try typing Windows 98SE update CD-ROM into Google.

  rsinbad 09:54 31 Dec 2005
  Stuartli 12:34 31 Dec 2005

SFC is System File Checker, which replaces any missing or corrupt files.

The Windows Help files provides all the information you require, or anything else for that matter to do with the operating system...:-)

  User-205723 10:40 01 Jan 2006

I tried SFC but it only found only missing file.
When I tell SFC where to look for the files (i.e. on my Windows CD) it tells me that it can not find the files. Is this because the files are within a cab file? If it is, how do I get SFC to find the files or how do I extract the files? How did I know which cab files to use?

I will try some of the other SFC options.

rsinbad, I have printed the Symantic's help page and will try their advice.

Hamish, I tried Google but could not find anywhere to download the files from.

Thanks again and Happy New Year.

  Hamish 10:50 01 Jan 2006

Did you look at this site click here Happy New Year to you and hope you get ot sorted out

  anchor 15:15 01 Jan 2006

"When I try to install my camera it asks for the win98 se disk and when I put it in and try to find the driver it says there is no iyuv_32.dll".

"I was having the same problem, however I found the solution. Go to Microsoft Downloads and download the series 9 of windows media player and it has the file in there. Then just reinstall camera software".

It may help.

  User-205723 15:34 09 Jan 2006

Thanks to one and all.
I have found the files and the QuickCam installation found them but the installation has now messed up my scanner and the QuickCam and I can not undo this so I have now abandoned the QuickCam.
Thanks again.

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