Missing drivers

Second problem post!! Having reinstalled Windows ME on my Dad's PC we are getting the @New Hardware@ box on start up. The PC ends up with three PCI Multi Media devices with yellow qu. marks (no drivers found) a PCI Input Controller and a Multi Media Video device. I'm guessing the latter ishis Pinnacle firewire card but cannot work out what the rest are (scanner and camera are disconnected although printer is connected) Once again any ideas to work out what they are?

  Cuddles 17:09 25 May 2005

They are probably all to do with the pinacle card.

Dad only had three CD's with the Pinnacle package (hard and software). They are Content, Program and Hollwood FX. Do you think loading them will load the drivers for the hardware?

  sattman 23:33 25 May 2005

Can you tell us what drivers you have installed so far.

  billyliv 01:04 26 May 2005

Hi Debe, The drivers that are missing in my opinion are Motherboard drivers. If you dont have the disc you will need to find out the make and model of the motherboard so that you can go on to their website to download the drivers. cheers, Bill

Thanks all, I will try and check out the motherboard drivers unfortunately Dad has now been rushed into hospital!
Will come back later with answer on which drivers have been installed so far!

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