blackpat 11:22 25 Feb 2006

W.XP. Hi, just bought the freecom classic sl external hdd. 80gb. and installed it, It appears in the list of disks "device manager" but not in hard disk drives "my computer".It did appear here briefly there at the beginning, but disappeared. How do I get it to appear back there?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:29 25 Feb 2006

Control panel - Admin tools -computer management - disk management.

It should appear in disk management you will need to initialise and / or format it before it appears in My computer.

If it is already formatted with files on it "DO NOT format again or you will lose the files.

Post back if you can see it in disk manager.

  blackpat 12:06 25 Feb 2006

Hi fruit bat, I got to disk management and it says:

(c:) partition basic fat 32 healthy (system) capacity 25.44 gb freespace 8.16gb


"no name" partition basic fat 32 healthy capacity
25.44. freespace 7.64gb.

Then below there are 2 boxes that say:

disk 0
basic ....(C:)
25.45gb ...... 25.45gb fat 32
online ....... healthy (system)


disk 1
76.68gb ...76.68gb fat 32 healthy

Phew !!!! :>) is this any use to you??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:30 25 Feb 2006

Assuming you only have one internl Hard drive that is showing as disk 0 basic (C). This is the one with windows on.

Disk one is the new drive looks like its an 80G and already formatted.

May be it is not showing in explorer because it is not allocated a drive letter.

You should also be seeing your CD/DVD drives allocated with drive letters "D"?

right click disk 1 and select Change drive letters and paths. and make it the next letter after your CD/ DVD drives


Main drive C
DVD drive D
external drive E

  blackpat 16:49 25 Feb 2006

Fruit bat,I think we maybe getting somewhere. I clicked on disk 1 and went to add and there was a letter "F" in the box, now I remember seeing a letter "E" drive somewhere before, so I added the "F" and some stuff ran acoss a bar in the top left hand corner. anyway it is showing in explorer now, but it shows:

HARD DISK drives
local disk (c)
local disk (f)
When I open these, they look almost the same.

then there is:

devices & removable storage
floppy (A)
cd drive (C)
removable disk (e)
Now c & e look the same and when trying to open the both , they say "insert disk"

Maybe I should say that yesterday when I 1st put the ext hdd on, it seemed to be ok, so I tried to do a complete "C" drive back up, using norton ghost 10 on to the ext. hdd. It took hours because of usb 1. Then it came up with some sort of error (I hadn't ticked any of the boxes that said "ignore bad parts etc" and I couldn't get it to restart and thats when the ext hdd disappeared.
Fruit bat, I appreciate the time you have spent helping :>)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:01 25 Feb 2006

Unplug the external drive

What shows in My computer now?

  blackpat 17:15 25 Feb 2006

Fruitbat,I unplugged the ext. hdd and the local disk "F" is missing.

  Diemmess 17:17 25 Feb 2006

If disk 1, external HD or whatever is running as USB 1 then something isn't right with the USB connection.

Subject to Fruit Bat /\0/\ confirmation..... you might go to Device manager, and if you can't see Enhanced Controller in the USB section, or you can see yellow triangle/s ........ it might be an idea to delete all that section, reboot and expect XP to re-install the correct USB settings for you.

  blackpat 17:30 25 Feb 2006

Diemmess,In the usb section, i see intel (r) 8280 1AA usb host controller, but no enhanced controller or yellow triangle.

  Diemmess 17:50 25 Feb 2006

I believe XP should automatically set up a USB 2 controller and USB Enhanced Host controller.

If your motherboard is "of a certain age" it may need a little help but I would have expected XP to do the job for you.

I hope that if you go back to Device Manager (USB section) and 'Uninstall' in turn all the entries in that section, then on reboot you should have the whole bang-shoot up and running.

  Diemmess 18:02 25 Feb 2006

footnote to my previous.....
I was using W98SE when I first had an external HD and I had to fit a USB-PCI card with added software to set up USB2.

Since changing to Win 2000 (the less frilly version of XP) with the same hardware I haven't had to offer the software any more.
But if you have USB 2 card with 4 extra ports you might just have to tickle things with the CD that came with your new HD.

[You seem to have solved the original problem by finding it is allocated drive F: though that might change depending on when in the running of things you switch it on]

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