Missing dll's

  jack 14:57 11 Jun 2004

Having dowloaded a software set via 14 e-mails and attachments
I made them up into a CD-R and installed it.
It installed fine.
However when it came to run it stalled telling me that a certain dll is missing and to try a reinstall -
This I did but the .dll did not show.
As the this was a pig to download how does one go about finding missing dll's?

  recap 15:21 11 Jun 2004

What is the name of the .dll?

  Stuartli 15:24 11 Jun 2004

If you have the details of the dll, key it into google and several sources should provide facilities to download it.

  Dan the Confused 15:25 11 Jun 2004

A good site is click here but typing the .dll into Google often finds results.

  jack 15:36 11 Jun 2004

The missingis called

LTKRN70N dll

  Dan the Confused 15:47 11 Jun 2004
  jack 17:22 11 Jun 2004

All done
Thanks guys

  jack 20:08 11 Jun 2004

Thanks to you guys out there I located and got in the missing dll
I,in my happy ignorance I thought all i've to do now is drop it into
the folder and orft we go -but orft we didn't.
The prog still came up the message 'where d'll the dll then?
So please kind knowlagable gents where should i put it?

  Dan the Confused 20:13 11 Jun 2004

c:\windows\system (I think). Name of Windows folder depends on what OS you use.

  QuickHare 20:15 11 Jun 2004

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  jack 15:17 12 Jun 2004

As previously said thank you for pointing me to the original missing dll.Went site found it.
Thank you all also for those who told me where to put it.
So I did
Then guess what?
It said Oi! here's another dll missing - go get it.
Which I am doing - not so easy this one
several sites vited not turned up yet

But should this be happening at all?
Thinking that perhaps the download was not complete i downed it all again.
but that aint the ainswer
Any ideas?
By the way I am building this up on my XP machine
the software is for 2000/XP would that account for it?

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