Missing .dll - something to do with QuickTime?

  scales 21:47 13 Nov 2005

Hi folks, a few weeks ago my son loaded an old 'How it Works' CD. I think it also included QuickTime. Since then, on start-up, the pc (Windows ME) put up a box saying missing .dll but didn't say what it was.
I went through MSCONFIG start-up until I found that by unchecking a Pinnacle program the message went away. When I try DXDIAG I get a message saying I have a problem with DirectShow. If I bypass the check I am OK but if I don't I get the missing .dll message and possible a hung pc. I have just upgraded DirectX from 9.0b to 9.0c but still get the problem.
I have also uninstalled QuickTime, but still have the problem and have reinstalled the latest version of QuickTime but no joy.
I normally use SecondChance to recover such things but it falls over every time I try to load it to a prior date to the change. It works fine for every subsequent date.
How do I find what .dll it is complaining about? Is there a trace in ME that I could use? This is not serious but is annoying. Cheers.

  VoG II 21:50 13 Nov 2005

Have you tried System Restore?

  scales 21:54 13 Nov 2005

Yes, I tried but because of a conflict with SecondChance, I had Restore unabled. Swings and Roundabouts with those two products. Unfortunately I missed both of them this time!

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