Missing dll file.

  Bald Eagle 13:02 18 Feb 2003

I have a copy of Systran translator (English/French). A backup copy on CD (I downloaded it over the net then made the backup)runs OK on this machine but when I try it on my computer bound for France I get the following error:-
Missing SSIUTILS.DLL. Using Google I have visited numerous download sites but non had this one. Any ideas? Running sfc did not work. I seem to remember somewhere that these files are "hidden" and something has to be done to reveal them when using sfc.

  JoeC 13:21 18 Feb 2003

( Found on Google ) See 3.5 near bottom

click here

  Wak 15:01 18 Feb 2003

I think you'll find that the files are only hidden from you and not SFC.
If you want to see them go to Windows explorer/ View/ Folder Options/ View tab and tick "Show All Files".

  Bald Eagle 16:32 18 Feb 2003

JoeC found that page but do not understand what they want me to do. Tried opening Enterprise install page but just get an error.

  Bald Eagle 18:27 18 Feb 2003

How exactly do I do what it says in 3.5? I have ssiutils.dll missing.

3.5. What do I do when I see the message that one (or more) of the files lsapiw32.dll, ssicntrl.dll, ssinet.dll, ssinetop.dll, or ssiutils.dll is not found?
Copy ssiutils.dll, ssicntrl.dll, ssinet.dll, ssinetop.dll, and/or lsapiw32.dll from %EnterpriseInstall%\client to \winnt\system32.

  Bald Eagle 21:59 18 Feb 2003


  Bald Eagle 07:47 19 Feb 2003

Come on folk. With the massed brasins out there surely this is an easy one. Cheers BE.

  Bald Eagle 07:48 19 Feb 2003

BRAINS even!!!

  temp003 08:31 19 Feb 2003

The website doesn't look too helpful. Their references to the file ssiutils.dll seem to appear only in relation to the Enterprise edition. There are personal, professional standard, profesional premium editions and others. Which one do you have? Personal?

The advice on the website is strange anyway. Presumably %EnterpriseInstall% means the directory (or folder) into which the software is installed. It may well be the C:\Program Files\Enterprise folder, if you're using the Enterprise edition. So you're told to look for the file(s) in the C:\Program Files\Enterprise\client subfolder.

Then copy the file(s) to C:\WINNT\system32 - this is the strange part because it assumes that you use Windows 2000 (maybe NT). Windows 95, 98 and ME do not have the WINNT directory.

I don't know whether that advice on the website applies to your edition. Try searching for the file ssiutils.dll (and other files mentioned by the site) on your existing computer (the one that works with Systran). It may be somewhere in C:\Program Files\Personal (or whtever edition, or systran), or just use the Windows Find/Search function. If found, copy the file(s) to the other computer.

Exactly where to copy to, will depend on the OS on the France computer. 95, 98, Me - probably C:\WINDOWS\system folder (try system32 folder as well if exists). If it's windows 2000, it's C:\WINNT\system32. If it's XP - the equivalent should be C:\WINDOWS\system32 - but the website does not say the software supports XP.

This is not my solution. I'm just trying to interpret how the advice given on the website might apply to your case, since no one else has any idea.

  Bald Eagle 09:07 19 Feb 2003

temp003, thanks for the advice. Will try it out. I am running 98SE on both machines with the Personal Edition of Systran.

  Bald Eagle 10:00 19 Feb 2003

One final push folk! Found the file under C:\windows\system. Copied to floppy. How do I get it to the correct place on the other computer. The send facility is obviously no good only sending it to My Documents.

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