missing dll file

  treasuretrove 21:33 10 Feb 2003

I was running Nortons one touch button cures all when the system locked up. I tried ctrl-alt-del but to no avail. So I switched the machine off, after twenty seconds I restarted again only to find lots of error messages. All stating that "a requied. DLL file, C:\windows\system\version.dll, was not found. My system is Windows ME and the computer Tiny, yes I know!!

  faichfolds 21:38 10 Feb 2003

Have you got Second Chance installed that was on Tiny Extras CD.

  MAJ 21:42 10 Feb 2003

Do a search of your hard drive to see if the file has been moved. If you find it, move it back to C:\Windows\Ststem, or try a System Restore.

  MAJ 21:43 10 Feb 2003

C:\Windows\Ststem should read C:\Windows\System

  treasuretrove 21:49 10 Feb 2003

I have second chance and can only access it via a recovery floppy made earlier. This I tried but it did not change the situation.

  faichfolds 21:51 10 Feb 2003

Try MAJ suggestion

  treasuretrove 22:01 10 Feb 2003

Tried a search on C: drive, nothing found. Cant start recover program because I have not got the run dll file.

  sattman 22:18 10 Feb 2003

Can you boot up in safe mode and then do a system restore from there

  treasuretrove 22:45 10 Feb 2003

Tried safe mode same response

  Ironman556 23:55 10 Feb 2003

If there's any reference to what program the dll is for then try installing it again.

If not, try searching the internet or cd-roms, downloading them and dropping them into c:\windows\system. It worked when my sound card reported a missing dll, but that was only one file.

Can you still access your files/folders? It may be a good idea to back up what you want if you can.


  woodchip 00:01 11 Feb 2003

Download PowerDesk 4 “IT’S FREE” you can then extract the file from you windows CD, as it lets you look inside Cab files for the file you need. the file that you need resides in C:\Windows\System

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