missing DLL file

  gnomes 22:06 26 May 2007

I have installed a new program but at one stage it malfunctions with message "file ADVAPI32.DLL is missing"
How can I obtain the missing file ?

  MAJ 22:11 26 May 2007

If you are using Windows XP (and possibly other versions) it should be in your C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder.

  Strawballs 22:13 26 May 2007
  gnomes 18:07 27 May 2007

Thanks for info. I have Windows 98 and have located file in Windows/System 32
How can I persuade new programe to access it ?
Regards gnomes

  MAJ 18:11 27 May 2007

Which program are you having problems with, gnomes?

  gnomes 18:15 28 May 2007

The program is a Photodex program for producing a slide show. It is necessary to view the show as it is being put together but when I click "preview" message appears -
"advapi32.dll:ConvertStringSecurityDescriptorToSecurityDescriptorA" is missing (I have not mistakenly repeated any words)
After receiving your info I found the file advapi32.ll double clicked to obtain the "open with" menu and selected "pxplay" - the only reference to the Photdex program in the menu - but still I get the message re the missing file.
Any help you can give would be much appreciated.
Since January I have been in frequent contact with the American producers of the program. They always suggest uninstall & then reinstall. They have even sent me a new disc - all to no avail !
Regards, gnomes

  MAJ 19:24 28 May 2007

Try using a different version of the Advapi32.dll file, you can download the XP version from click here Rename your own Advapi32.dll file to OldAdvapi32.dll and copy the new version to your C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder see if it works, it might, it might not, but you can always rename the original back if it doesn't help.

  gnomes 18:25 31 May 2007

Many thanks for your interest in my problem, it is very much appreciated. Pity the American publisher was not as knowledgable as you.
I did not do as you suggested as I was concerned that it might cause problems with my other programs. Having tried many avenues for the last five months I have admitted defeat and reloaded the 2005 Photodex slide program which I used extensively and was extremely good.
Again my thanks to you, Regards gnomes

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