Missing Desktop

  charlie whisky 09:09 10 Aug 2004

from Charlie Whisky
Greetings to the pundits at the forum, hope they can extricate me from this dilemma:-
Daughter's HP Pavilion, running Windows ME had to be forcibly shut down the other day by switching off at the On/Off switch.
Since then the PC will not boot correctly, it goes through all the motions but the icons/buttons/etc. normally visible are totally missing, i.e. a blank desktop.
Things appear to be working as putting a CD into the drive will play OK.

Using the floppy Startup disk on a reboot seems to work OK but at the end the CD drives seem to be inaccessible as they will not read the ME installation CD, nor the supplied Recovery CD.

Any ideas folks?

  Cuddles 10:41 10 Aug 2004

I would say that you have a problem with explorer.exe as this is what gives you the desktop, how are you trying to access the ME cd or recovery disc, once the startup floppy has done it's bit you should have the A> showing on a dos screen, when you reach this type in D:\setup.exe (assuming "D" is your cd drive) and press enter, this will reinstall over the top of your original. Or you could change the boot order in bios and go directly from the installation cd.

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