Missing Create Shortcut window

  tehtarek 17:57 11 Nov 2004

Last week the Create Shortcut window refused to appear whenever I tried to create a shortcut in the Docts&Settings/User/Start/Programmes folder. I kept getting the New Shortcut, period. the exercise stopped there, with New Shortcut not pointing to anything.

Only solution was to Restore to an earlier Point when problem did not arise.

Will appreciate all advice on cause(s) and solutions.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:35 11 Nov 2004

You seem to have a lot of problems and different threads running.

Repair XP with sfc /scannow as I suggested in one of your other threads and this will solve most of your problems especially as you had missing files in your re-install.

  tehtarek 19:26 11 Nov 2004

Thanks, FruitBat.

Lots of problems, right. What to do? Perhaps should refrain from trying out new stuff. And miss all the fun and satisfaction? Uh, uh.

However, I always make a check to see if subject has been posted before I submit it.

You and many regular mentors here provide invaluable lessons to non-techies like me. Greatly appreciated.

  Danoh 01:08 12 Nov 2004

But it is definitely advisable to get your base system running sweet as first, before adding other issues. You'll soon get lost between cause and effect.

Back to your question. How do you try to create a short cut? Using right-mouse click, drag and drop?

  Danoh 01:15 12 Nov 2004

Thats while using Windows explorer....

  tehtarek 10:31 12 Nov 2004

Hi Danoh,

ah, you chakap bahasa, yah?

To create a shortcut on desktop, I right-click and browse to target program. I also do same way when creating SC in my Start/Progs menu. This couldnt work as described in my original post this thread.

Have taken down advice from FruitBat for use in future.

  Danoh 10:44 12 Nov 2004

Yup :-)

Right Mouse click (RMc) on "Start".

Left Mouse click (LMc) on "Open".

LMc to navigate to your target programme.

RMc-drag-and-drop to your desktop, then select the 3rd and last option "Create shortcuts here".

After RMc on Start, you can also select "Explore" to navigate into the C:Programs folder rather that just those programs which have a shortcut already created for your XP profile.

Hope that helps!!

  Danoh 10:47 12 Nov 2004

FruitBat's advice can and should be actioned now, rather than waiting for your next complete XP install.

  tehtarek 01:21 30 Nov 2004

Thanks Danoh. Apologies for delayed response.

  Danoh 01:54 30 Nov 2004

Sama, sama / No worries

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