Missing codec?

  ikle_pixie 13:38 12 Sep 2005


I downloaded a cartoon off the internet. It plays fine in Windows media player on the pc, but when i put it onto my laptop over the network and play it in Windows media player, it plays a few seconds and the video freezes but the sound continues. Could this mean that the pc Windows media player hasnt something the laptop one doesnt. Is there anyway of finding out...?

  De Marcus™ 13:44 12 Sep 2005

If it plays a few seconds then you most probably have the codec installed, the most likely issue is a bottleneck somewhere in your network that is causing the streaming video to freeze. Have you tried copying the video over to the laptop as a file and playing it locally?

  ikle_pixie 13:46 12 Sep 2005

Im sorry. didnt make my self too clear. They have been copied over the laptop and playing from there...sorry about that

  rawprawn 13:52 12 Sep 2005

I had the same problem with capturing video, it turned out to be a faulty PCI Card. I'm not sure how you could check that on a laptop.

  De Marcus™ 15:21 12 Sep 2005

what video format is the cartoon? avi, mpeg, etc?

  ikle_pixie 15:32 12 Sep 2005


  De Marcus™ 15:35 12 Sep 2005

try AviCodec from click here

  ikle_pixie 20:34 13 Sep 2005

fantastic....thank you!

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