missing bottom bit of border on word

  neo1 22:33 11 Feb 2004

hi i use win xp and running word 2003 ive got a lexmark p707 but when i do a border in word i always have the borders at the bottom of the page ive changed the page size and headers smaller but still the border is missing is there anythoing else i can change to sort the prob thanks in advance for any help?

  Djohn 22:43 11 Feb 2004

Try, File/Page setup/Layout tab, click on borders/options and in the "Measure from" box. Change from "Edge of page" to "Edge of text" This may help.

  Chris the Ancient 22:48 11 Feb 2004

Is it a constraint of your printer?

Some inkjets leave quite a lot of 'white' at the bottom of the page to stop getting ink into the feed mechanismes!

I've just done a job for a colleague that prints perfectly on my laser printer - but the last bit is always missing on his inkjet.


  Djohn 22:55 11 Feb 2004

Chris the Ancient, Your quite correct in saying that. Some inkjets will not print on the last 1/2" of the page, as this is still being gripped by the rollers. Others will print right down to the very edge.

One of the forum members had this problem early last year. In office 97 it wouldn't print to the edge but on upgrading to Office 2000 it would. Same printer with both office suites.

Regards. j.

  neo1 00:00 12 Feb 2004

thanks for the help i look in to it 2m i try both solutions ive got a 2nd printer i try setting that up and see if it solves it

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