Missing Application Path / MS DLL Error

  GJM 00:02 06 Aug 2003

I have two problems which have been highlighted by Norton Windoctor, but when they are fixed by this and rescaned the same problems are still there.

1 Missing or invalid application path entry

The Key "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppPaths\Yourapp.exe"

Refers to an invalid application path


2. Microsoft Shared DLL Error

The Key "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDLLs"

Refers to a missing file


Can anyone help with this one


  JIM 00:08 06 Aug 2003

Is your OS win/xp and have you updated or installed easy creator software?
Or updated windows media player?

  GJM 00:15 06 Aug 2003


I have Update Media Player

I Have Installed Version 6 Of CD Creator

I Am running XP

  JIM 01:07 06 Aug 2003

I gathered from your other threads you are running XP.

Your message (Refers to invalid application path and missing files. C:\ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\RoxioShared\DLLshared)
plus, Yourapp.exe

Could be the result of conflict during the downloading of updated media player which has ROXIO plugin + dll's for the media player burn cd part. Not knowing what was installed first.media player or CD Creator, part of roxio may have left a older version of the roxio.dll which i believe is creating the error message with Norton.

You could try and locate the dll in find/search and put it in the recycle bin for safe keeping.Make sure that the program is not running
then run disk doctor to see what occurs.You may also if no joy, have to uninstall the last program
before your troubles.

I believe Version 6 Of CD Creator and Roxio dll
downloaded with windows media update is the problem.
Sometimes after bootup you may get a message on taskbar stating a roxio error,with a web patch to fix.I had no luck in locating the patch.

  temp003 05:08 06 Aug 2003

YourApp.exe - I've encountered similar entries before, usually immediately after installing something. Somehow the program writes a wrong entry to the registry referring to "yourapp.exe". I suspect (just guessing) "yourapp" is a variable in program writing, representing the actual name of the application.

I used to select ignoring the problem, then I decided to delete the invalid entry, and the programs have always continued to work.

If the relevant program is already working, despite that wrong entry, that means the entry is probably otiose, and you can safely delete it (or if you're not sure, just ignore it). Try this and then test the program itself (it refers to the Zoom folder, whatever it is). If it continues to work, fine. If it doesn't, go back to WinDoctor, instead of scanning for problems, select View History, highlight the problem, and select Undo.

Alternatively, you can edit the registry manually by going to the relevant key (spelt out by Norton), and replacing "yourapp.exe" with the correct exe file name (such as zoom.exe - whatever the name of the .exe file is in that folder which starts the program). Frankly it's not worth the trouble if the program is working properly.

Roxio shared dll - I think JIM has got it right. WMP9's Roxio plugin is at best a minimalist version of version 5. Your own installed Roxio is the latest version 6, which may have a different dll or at least different folder structure than version 5 which WMP9 thinks the computer should be using.

Test your CD burning on Roxio 6 itself, and if it works fine (giving you the choice of the right speeds and so on), I would ignore the problem. That way you can always revisit it in WinDoctor if any problems arise.

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