Miscrosoft Word 2002 - unnecessary prompt

  1212 20:47 10 Jan 2007

I recently bought a new Windows XP (SP2) computer and installed Ms Word 2002 (v.10.4030.2625) from Works Suite 2006.

Quite often I wish to refer to old files and, rather than look up hard copies, simply open the relative .doc file by double-clicking on it; after gleaning whatever is required, it is then closed by clicking in the right-hand top corner of either the .doc window or Word itself.

In contrast to Word 2002 on my previous computer (version not recalled) I find that, on closure, I am now prompted "Do you want to save the changes to ........... .doc [Y, N,C]". This occurs without exception even though I have made no changes.

The new procedure is an irritation after working with such files for years and I have spent much time in the Tools area trying to find a way of reverting to the old and more logical arrangement. If anyone knows a way of changing back (or, failing that, can convince me that the new system is much better for me!) I would be most grateful.

  Technotiger 20:49 10 Jan 2007

I'm not an expert on Word, but on closure click on the 'save' icon first and you will not get that prompt.

  VoG II 20:59 10 Jan 2007

If you click Yes then open the same document again do you still get the prompt when you try to close it?

  FreeCell 20:59 10 Jan 2007

Could be that as you are opening "old" files that they are a previous .doc format and that Word is saving them in Word2002 format, so they have "changed" even though you changed no text.

  1212 21:08 11 Jan 2007

Thanks everyone! Referring your query, VoG, yes - even if I save a file and close it, I still get the same prompt if I subsequently open it again and then try to close it without alteration!

  Technotiger 21:19 11 Jan 2007

Hmm, in Word .. Tools>Options then Save tab - clear all boxes that have the word Prompt by them.

Just a guess, but might work.

  L_Driver 15:45 12 Jan 2007

I would imagine ( since u r using different Word program to that used in documents original creation )you will always get that prompt until you decide to save ( which will save the doc in the current versions format ). Try doing that with something that is of minor importance to you.
That is, comments as per FreeCell makes total sense.

  VoG II 15:48 12 Jan 2007
  1212 17:26 12 Jan 2007

Thanks to everyone for their interest. Especial thanks to VoG who lived up to his (or her?) name and whose recommendation solved the problem.

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