Mirror onto flash-drive?

  Ex plorer 14:46 02 Jan 2009

Hi I have never used a flash-drive as yet, or Raid but....
Is it possible to copy/save your work on a Laptop hard-drive and have it mirrored onto a flash drive at the same time when saving.
I think its possible where you can use raid with a PC or lap-top with two drives, asuming it has raid. but not to sure how or if with a flash-drive.
Or is it a matter of using the flash just to make a back up of your work after saving on the main Drive of PC.

  Pineman100 14:59 02 Jan 2009

I think there is backup software for businesses that will backup a server to more than one drive simultaneously, but I've never heard of this on a standalone home computer. But that's not to say it can't be done.

I suspect that the solution (if it exists) may be quite expensive. Certainly more costly than just copying your backup files across to a second drive!

  ambra4 15:15 02 Jan 2009

What is a flash drive?

Take a read it will help you to understand what a flash was meant for

It was not meant as a total back up device, it might in the further

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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:16 02 Jan 2009
  Ex plorer 15:29 02 Jan 2009

Thanks Pineman100 Its just for home use.
What set me of thinking was I saw an LG 4 Gig mirror Flash-drive, maybe its just a name and nothing more or maybe I should have put my question A little different.
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  Ex plorer 15:56 02 Jan 2009

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\

  palinka 16:47 02 Jan 2009

Flash drive/thumb drive/memory stick/whatever name you prefer, is very useful for activities that involve transferring a file or a copy of a file from one computer to another; especially as it's very easy to use - similar to saving a file to a floppy disk (in the dear dead days beyond recall!). eg. I produce a church magazine on my PC then have to transfer the file to a different PC for it to be printed; I download (using a broadband connection)large files from the internet for friends who are still on dial-ups.
In each case the files can be deleted from the stick when the job is done.

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