Mirror drive

  Dumble452 20:35 05 Jul 2010

My old self build computer has come to the end of its useful life and is not worth upgrading so I have now ordered an Acer Aspire M3802 with 2 x 1TB SATA HDDs. I doubt if I will ever use all of that memory and think it would be a good idea to use one hdd as a mirror. The computer will come with Windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed but I understand that I will need Professional to run Raid. Is this true and if so what is the most cost effective way to upgrade?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:10 05 Jul 2010

"I doubt if I will ever use all of that memory "

You'll be surprised :0)

Why don't you use the second drive to store back ups / images of the first using something like Acronis True image?

  tullie 22:55 05 Jul 2010

Its not memory but the capacity of your hard drives.

  Dumble452 23:22 05 Jul 2010

OK its not ROM or RAM but you knew what I meant

  MAT ALAN 07:58 06 Jul 2010

If you have ordered this PC i assume it is still under construction, why not contact your supplier and ask them to install the PRO version for you...

  Ashrich 08:56 06 Jul 2010

I think the motherboard in your new PC has a hardware based raid system on it which is OS independent , so the Home Premium Windows 7 will be Ok , you only need the more expensive versions if you attempt software raid .


  Dumble452 09:42 06 Jul 2010

Thanks I'll see if I can check that out. Its a job lot from e-buyer so can't change the spec.

  john bunyan 10:01 06 Jul 2010

I have an older PC with 2 drives (1 in a removable caddy) I use it to make an Acronis Clone once a week (having scanned with SAS, Avira etc and defragged). I also make an image on an external USB HD.I have twice used the clone to recover from a trojan attack.

  Dumble452 12:27 07 Jul 2010

Its arrived! The motherboard is an Acer EG43M according to Belarc. I haven't been able to find a manual for it on line as yet. The 2HDDs are set up with one drive divided into 2 equal partitions and the 2nd drive left unpartitioned. Windows 7 Home Premium is pre-installed and I have had to make 3 recovery disks. There is a load of software on it which I will want to delete such as Mcaffee, Norton and trial editions of Office etc. I somehow don't think it will be as simple as I thought to set the HDDs as RAID1 and I may well have to keep to the faithful Acronis method, which relies too much on me to make backups. I'll just have to be more organised!

  Dumble452 08:49 14 Jul 2010

I was wrong! In the midst of all the unwanted pre-loaded software was Intel Matrix Software Manager. One click and some time later the computer was set up as RAID 1 so I'm very pleased.

  john bunyan 08:56 14 Jul 2010

I am not very familiar with RAID, but as I understand it, it keeps an instant copy of disc 1 to disc2. All very well if disc 1 fails. Why I use the manual ATI method is that I scan disc 1 with SAS, MAB,Avira, then defrag , then run a ATI clone to disc 2,and an image to a USB HD.With Raid, if you pick up a nasty, this is copied to disc 2. Or have I missed somethimg?

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