Minor problem with OE6

  BurrWalnut 15:48 23 Apr 2003

My daughter has a minor problem with OE. Evidently itchy finger problems have left her with a sent items name of SENT ITEMS (1).DBX (capitals for clarity).

I gave her a few things to try but to no avail. She has tried renaming it SENT ITEMS.DBX and also deleting it after making a copy but all she gets is an empty SENT ITEMS (1).DBX being created.

Any ideas welcome.

Thank you.

  Rayuk 18:24 23 Apr 2003

Have you tried renaming the file in Outlook Express folder to OldSentItems[1].dbx then restart machine see if it automatically instals correct new folder.

  BurrWalnut 19:35 23 Apr 2003


Good point about rebooting, I'll get her to try that. All her manipulations have been before and after loading OE within the same boot.

Thank you.

  Rayuk 20:46 23 Apr 2003

Just in case I havnt explained myself too well the folder I refer to is
My Computer/C drive/Documents & Settings/[UserName]/LocalSettings/ApplicationData/Identities/Hostofletters&numbers/Microsoft/OutlookExpress/
You should then be in your folder store with all the dbx files.
Note you will have to "Show all hidden files"as the LocalSettings folder is hidden.

  BurrWalnut 14:37 24 Apr 2003


She tried rebooting but still gets a new SENT ITEMS (1).DBX created. I've looked in my registry for both Win98SE and WinME but can't find a pointer, it's well hidden somewhere. It's no real problem, I think she'll have to put up with it.

Incidentally the mail boxes in 98SE and ME are both in C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Identities\GobbledyGook\Microsoft\Outlook Express, you must be referring to XP.

Thanks for trying to help.

  MAJ 15:16 24 Apr 2003

If she's getting a SENT ITEMS (1) folder, then she must already have another folder, in the Store Folder called, SENT ITEMS.

  BurrWalnut 15:42 24 Apr 2003


This is the problem, she doesn't have one.

Here's what happened, she regularly goes to the folder where IN and SENT dbxs are, uses right click, send to, to back up. (following Dad's suggestion to make regular backups)

At some stage she thinks she must have done right click, delete against SENT ITEMS. She noticed it when using OE and it was empty.

So effectively she deleted SENT ITEMS.DBX and OE created SENT ITEMS (1).DBX. She is now backing up the (1) version. I know it's no real problem but I'd like to know where the pointer is stored. It's a mystery.

  BurrWalnut 19:33 28 Apr 2003

After many renaming/deletion of files this is how to recreate SENT ITEMS.DBX when you are stuck with a suffix of (n).

Delete (or rename/save elsewhere) FOLDERS.DBX. Load OE and voila an empty SENT ITEMS.DBX is created, then just copy in the messages.

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