Minor problem with desktop icons

  NickyK 20:39 17 Feb 2005

Last night, my computer decided to eat half my desktop icons. Every time I try to restore them, it says "Windows could not create shortcut - check to see if disc is full".

I'm afraid I haven't a clue what this message wants me to do. I have tried all the other, usual methods of editing the desktop.

I'm sorry this is such a minor problem, but I don't know where else to go for help, and I rely on my icons.

  Technotiger 20:44 17 Feb 2005

Hi, right-click on desktop, go to Arrange Icons By, then go to Run Desktop Cleanup wizard ........

might solve your little problem.


  Jackcoms 20:46 17 Feb 2005

How much free space is available on your HDD?

Go to my Computer; right click on the icon for your main C drive. Left click on Properties.

How much used space? How much free space?

  Technotiger 20:47 17 Feb 2005

ps - in case that does not work - if you have WinXP you could do a system restore to a few days ago perhaps.

  NickyK 20:50 17 Feb 2005

Hi Jackcoms and Technotiger. Have tried clean-up wizard, which did help somewhat. Loads of space on HDD (checked earlier in complete panic).

  Jackcoms 20:52 17 Feb 2005

Suggest you go with Technotiger and do a System Restore if problem persists

  Technotiger 20:52 17 Feb 2005

Are you using XP?

  NickyK 20:56 17 Feb 2005

Yes, I am - sorry, I should have said. As I said, it's not a major problem because I can still access what I want via programs, but it is annoying and inconvenient.

I've tried System Restore - but whatever point I pick, I am told (after the whole process) that it can't be restored to that point even though it said it could at the start (I've tried 10 different restore points).

  Technotiger 21:00 17 Feb 2005

Don't want to insult your intelligence, but I suppose you are trying to restore using Bold Print dates in the calender?

  NickyK 19:06 18 Feb 2005

Thanks, Technotiger. I am not proud, so anyone can feel free to insult my intelligence as much as they like if it helps me (I am learning all the time). Sadly, yes I did try using the bold print dates. It still refused to restore and, also, it refuses to allow me to set up a system-restore point of my own. This sounds like it should be a post of its own.

I posted this yesterday, so I'll leave it open for one more hour, then I will resolve and post anew (people don't read old stuff).



  Technotiger 19:17 18 Feb 2005

Hi again - by doing this now, your problem goes to the top of the queue again, so people will read it .
I will see if I can find anything else for you.


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