Minolta Dimage Scan Dual

  balcombe 15:58 01 Oct 2006

My computer has XP. The scanner conects with a SCSI card. When I look in Device Manager all is well with the card but the scanner is not recognised. I have a message that it is not connected which I know to be untrue. Sony now supports Minolta products but does not now acknowledge the Scan Dual which is now rather old. Has anyone out there had experience of this problem?

  toxin 17:32 01 Oct 2006

Hi balcombe,

What model ScanDual have you?
I have a ScanDual IV and this connects via a USB port; works perfectly on both my old & new PCs.

Are you using the Minolta software, or some other scanning software?

Is the scanner powered up, and the door closed before you start the software?

Sorry I cannot be of any further help, Toxin.

  balcombe 13:09 02 Oct 2006

Hi Toxin,
Thanks for your response. My scanner is quite ancient. All it says on the front is Scan Dual. I bought it secondhand and it worked at first. I connect with a SCSI Adaptec 2904 card via a SCSI cable. There appears to be no problem with the card as I installed that first and Device Manager accepts it and the cable although its recorded as AIC-7850 card with a D347PRI controller. Next I connected the Scan Dual and installed the original Minolta software. In Device Manager this caused a yellow exclamation mark to come up against the Dimage. I next went to the Minolta weeb site and downloaded a driver update. The nearest seems to be a Scan Elite 2 driver which I downloaded. But I still have a problem. I launch from Adobe Photo Shop with the Dimage powered up. I noted your suggestion of the door being closed and to make sure I kept the door fastening button firmly pressed. Incidently in Adobe PS the Dimage is recognised as a DS Dual 3 1.0 but it still tells me there is a bad connection. Perhaps the Dimage has decided that it is "time expired".
Regards and thanks.

  jolorna 13:28 02 Oct 2006

a review of your scanner click here might not be compatible with xp

  tugtac 16:58 03 Oct 2006

if you have not used the scusi scanner before then you have to turn the dual scan on BEFORE turning on the computer.
I had the same problem when i first got my scusi dual scan.

  Diemmess 17:45 03 Oct 2006

I have and still use a SCSI scanner with an adaptec 2940AU card. My Epson SCSI is fine, in fact the only reason I keep the card.

I use Win 2000 but scanner installing was tricky even with 98SE.

tugtac gave you the correct order of starting but perhaps you do that already.

This is what I do when setting up the scanner in a new system.
(I suggest you uninstall all previous traces first), and Scanner switched off..Restart

At the desktop, install the TWAIN drivers direct from the Minolta CD. (I've tried updated ones without success.)

The thing you are going for is the Twain version rather than any other software which can be loaded later.
Next shut the PC down, switch the scanner on and restart.
For me, nothing comes up on the screen by this stage (my guess is that the instructions are to the SCSI card first and from there to XP)

When the desktop is developed, There may still be a yellow triangle in Control Panel but it is always there when my scanner is on!

The real test comes with a Photo or OCR program.
Either of these on my PC when asked to Acquire a file and select the source give me the option to choose between a TWAIN and a TWAIN 32 driver the more fancy one works the other gives the error message "Cant't access scanner.

If at any time in this palava Windows pops in and asks for drivers for new hardware, don't cancel, humour it and play along until Windows gives up looking ..... But don't let it load the driver for itself. You should have already installed the TWAIN one and you don't have suitable ones for this old scanner to mate properly via LPT 1 - which was what most other scanners did so slowly before USB became the norm.

  terryf 17:50 03 Oct 2006

I have an epson gt7000 scsi scanner and I use the win2k drivers which I have in a folder on my D drive and I point to this foder when I install the scanner, don't know what I shall do if and when I go to Vista, it doesn't recognise the scsi card at present in the Vista compatibilty program

  balcombe 10:58 06 Oct 2006

Many thanks to all those who responded. Unfortunately although I followed your tips I am no further forward. Its rather strange as I get no exclamation marks under "Device Driver" and the Scanner is recognised but it is not shown under "Scanners & Cameras". I have gone through all the obvious procedures to cure it with no result. I downloaded "Vuescan" but although it recognised my Perfection flatbed scanner it didn't want to know the Minolta. I think I will take out the SCSI card and start again at the weekend when I have a little more time. Again thanks for your patience.

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