Minolta dimage 7i digital camera

  heepster 21:07 12 Jan 2003
  heepster 21:07 12 Jan 2003

Anyone own one of these, and your thoughts please. Its an expensive camera and I want to ensure they are worth it!

  woodchip 21:20 12 Jan 2003

Better than anybody on hear could tell you,
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  Kate B 21:22 12 Jan 2003

I'm looking at spending that kind of dosh on a digital camera, too, and I'm sort of leaning towards the Sony DSCF717 ... despite its slightly odd design, it's had some high praise. I played with one yesterday in a shop and I can cope with the weird design.

Digital Camera buyer has a thorough review of the dimage 7i in the current issue, giving it 91 per cent but remarking that the menu system is complicated and that there's a lot of image noise even at fairly low ISO settings.

If I had a couple of grand rather than a shade under a grand to spend, I'd probably plump for the Olympus E20. Let me know what you go for - I'd like to hear what the dimage is like to use.

  heepster 21:42 12 Jan 2003

Thanks for thr review woodchip. Kate, I really want a 35mm "type" camera and the Minolta fits the bill for that.The Olympus E20 does have a strange look to it.I reckon its the Minolta for me.I have heard nothing but praise for it.Guess I will have to spend time getting used to the menu system, but then thats always the way I guess.

  siouxah1 21:52 12 Jan 2003

Hello Heepster,

Don't run the D7i but do run the D5. That is very nearly the same but at 3mpx. Try the link below. It is a forum devoted almost exclusively to the D7 range. The main users seem to think that noise is not a great problem unless at long exposures.

Must say that the main thing I like about the D5 the full manual control available. Plus the zoom range is about the best available. One other point is that the zoom is operated by manual control, quick and no battery drain. One other is the lack of any real lapse of time between pressing the release and the shutter operating. I think you will find it quoted as 0.1sec.

There are of course many other good things. But enough. Search the noted site for noise and other things.

Regards Brian.

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  siouxah1 21:54 12 Jan 2003

PS The menu system is in my opinion very easy to master. The main controls being outside the menu. The best thing for me is the 'p' button which will set things back to fully auto.


  hssutton 23:34 12 Jan 2003

Having used a number of digicams I can honestly say without doubt The D7 / D7i is the best none DSLR on the market. I have both of these camera's, having taken advantage of the Argos offer just prior to Xmas. The links provided by woodchip & siouxah1 will take you to the worlds major D7 forums and is a must for anyone considering the D7i. This camera is as near as you can get to a SLR. Kate mentions Digital Camera Buyers comments. 1 Noise this really is a none issue. (Other camera manufacturers employ noise reduction techniques but at the expense of the final image)If you do find the occasional noise problem (at ISO 100 this is extremely rare)it is a simple matter to eradicate during post proccessing. Menu system. the D7s menu is extremely easy to use, probably the best of all digicams. However it must be remembered that this is a feature packed camera, so will appear to complicated at first. What makes this camera(to my mind) apart from the obvious like lens quality, 28-200 mm manual zoom it's SRL like qualities, ergonomic design, just about all the controls can be adjusted manually whilst looking through the EVF (viewfinder)is the WYSIWYG nature of the of the EVF. For Kate the OLY E20 + 340MB microdrive and card reader £1079, But it's dammed heavy, better than the D7i in the studio but in the field the D7i wins.


  hssutton 23:41 12 Jan 2003

To see what the D7 can do have a look click here


  CliffP 23:56 12 Jan 2003

I have one and the quality of photos i get with it is fantastic.

  Migwell 00:16 13 Jan 2003

Don't have a 7i, but have a minolta 2300 yes I know it's a totaly diferant camera. What I would like to say though is that I find Minolta products of very high quality, having used them for 25 years. Their help is also top class. My 2300 had a problem which was fixed in four days, I can't fault them at all, I will only use Minolta products. Good luck

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