Mininum space around Antec P180

  kf1 13:49 14 Mar 2006


I'm looking to build my next PC and want to use the Antec P180. I've checked on their website and cannot find any guidelines for minimum space around the chassis without affecting airflow.

I've go a home office with a built in space for a case where I have my current machine would be grateful for any advice.


  gudgulf 14:16 14 Mar 2006

That is a pretty big here

It seems that all the intake and exhaust venting is done at the front,rear and top of the case.

In the absence of official recommendations......

I would say you could get away with a fairly close fit at the sides of the case providing the sides of the case door were free of the housing you have (as the door has side vents).

Open access at the back of the case and a good 5cm above the case to allow the exhaust fans to function properly would be my guide.If height is a problem though I would imagine the case cooling would function perfectly well without the top blowhole fan running at which case you could probably get away with a close fit at the top as well (but ideally don't do this).

  kf1 13:25 16 Mar 2006

I've tried to reply a couple of times but doesn't appear to post???

Thanks for the reply. I measured up and the space around the PC will be as follows:

H 7.5cm
W 3cm each side
D 15.5cm

The unit has an 8cm gap behind it which does not have a free flow of air out of the top but extends left behind a cupboard to the left at a hight of around 7ft. On the right at the top there is a space to place cables through (not tight) which might give some more airflow to the leg space under the desk.

The front of teh case would butt up level to the front of the space so should give free airflow to the front.


  gudgulf 13:54 16 Mar 2006

That will be more than enough clearance to allow for heat to escape around the case.

I'd might consider that case myself when I next upgrade my pc.

  kf1 14:04 16 Mar 2006

Thanks gudgulf, never built a pc before. Done upgrades, reinstalled OS, added drives etc. but don't want to make any noob errors!

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