Minimum Laptop Specs for Networking ?

  Lynford 17:19 24 Jul 2005

I am looking to buy a Laptop for Web browsing only. I want to link it to the BT 2Mb connection that I use on my Desktop PC, so I can use the Laptop throughout the house and Garden.

What Specs would I need for the Laptop ? I want it for Browsing only, nothing else and would prefer it as cheap as possible (probably 2nd hand).


  Forum Editor 20:25 24 Jul 2005

for this, but of course you'll need a wireless network adapter (either PCMCIA card type, or a USB adapter) and a wireless router as well. The machine specifications don't particularly matter, but don't skimp on the wireless equipment - get a good router (I use Belkin or Netgear as a rule) and a decent adapter - preferably a Belkin or Linksys PCMCIA model. Go for a Centrino laptop if you can afford to.

  Dipso 00:47 25 Jul 2005

Saw a decent priced laptop in my local Staples today, £399, it was an Acer I think. I think it was wireless enabled but if I am wrong you could buy a wireless card quite reasonably, under £20. I would try and buy a cheap "new" laptop rather than a second hand one if I were you.

You don't really have to have a wireless router if you have wireless network cards in both your PC and your laptop, you can follow this click here but it is much easier using a router.

  Dipso 00:50 25 Jul 2005

Another cheap but decent spec laptop is mentioned click here for £359. Does not include a wireless card but as I said before, you can get one for under £20.

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