peter4076 20:12 16 Apr 2003

Just purchased car with CD Player and all my good stuff is on Mini-disc, is there a way of transferring my music from mini-disc to hard drive then onto a cdrom like you back up anything else.

  toxin 20:28 16 Apr 2003

Hi Angus!
Is your minidisk player part of a Hifi setup?

If so, it should have some rsa sockets for line out, you need a cable with 2 rsa plugs to go into these, the other end of this cable should have a 3.5mm stereo jack plug to connect to the line-in socket of your sound card.

If you have Nero there is a wave editor in that, or failing that download "Goldwave" from click here, this is shareware, but allows you almost unlimited access to recording as wav files.

The resultant files are around 30mb if recorded at CD quality(44khz). If you can get about 27 or so 3minute tracks this will give you enough to burn a CD using the "disc @ once" method.

If you want quality recordings keep your burn speed down to 8X or 16X max, otherwise you may get faults which will not be apparent until you playback; and it's too late then.

Hope this helps, and I'm sure you'll get more advice from the wizzkids on this furom,


  peter4076 09:25 17 Apr 2003

Thanks Toxin for a very detailed reply, but alas I do have a hi-fi system with mini-disc but it is up in the house with the tv,vcr & dvd player. I have a Sharp portable Minidisc recorder model MD-MS701H2 which serves me well, recently I purchased a MD-Port DG2 PC to Minidisc recording kit which works great, but does not work in reverse. On rear of minidisc I have optical(line in ) port, Mic in port, DC in 5V port & headphone port. Anymore help with this problem would be gratefully received.Things used to be some much easier when the car had a tape deck !!!, such is progress.

  The Sack 10:20 17 Apr 2003

Wave files are approx 10MB per minute so the files will be time*10MB=file size (approx) shove a lead with a 3.5mm jack plug on each end in the headphone socket on the MD player and in the line in on your sound card, then like had been said get a program to capture the sound. if you have nero fire it up and from the wizard select audio CD, drag all the files then select them all and right click on them, select normalize to iron out any silly volume quirks and if your burner is a quality one let it rip at full tonk if you like, i have burnt audio at 2X and 48X and there isnt any difference TBH.

  peter4076 14:14 17 Apr 2003

The Sack
much obliged for info. Will checkout 3.5mmm to 3.5mm lead. I run Easy CD Creator 5 will tick resolved!until I purchase said lead, once again thankyou both.

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