Mini PCI Card Installation

  Anti_Virus 14:36 10 Jul 2008

Hi. I am intending to install an Intel Turbo Memory Card into one of the MiniPCI slots in my Dell Latitude D630. I have performed hardware upgrades before, mostly on Desktops, but once on a Laptop. That time I was installing a WiFi Card into an Inspiron 510m, and it was very simple. However, I have just performed a test run on an out of service D630 I have in my possession (not the one I intend to finally install it on, which hasn't yet arrived from Dell), and I found it slightly more complicated.

I have printed off all the instructions from the Dell site and was following them on my test run. Although I didn't physically install the card, I sort of placed it over it just to see how it would go in etc., but I noticed it doesn't have a slot for the antennae cables that are protruding over the slot, which are meant to be used if you're installing a WAN card. As such, when I do actually install the ITM for the real thing, what do I do with these cables? It says in the Dell manual not to place the cables on the card, but there doesn’t much else I can do with them. Any help would be appreciated, even if it's just genral advice on hardware upgrades. I really do not want to damage a completely band new laptop.

  I am Spartacus 15:12 10 Jul 2008

Having just quickly read the Intel and Dell specifications for Intel Turbo Memory it seems that it's just an internal form of Readyboost for use with Vista. If your new laptop has 2GB or more RAM then I doubt you'll see any difference.

However can you post a link to the Dell instructions you're working from?

  Anti_Virus 15:18 10 Jul 2008

Hi. Thanks for replying. The system has 2GB of RAM. It would be a shame if there isn't much of a performance increase, but I've bough it already, and as it was only £20 it won't be too much of a problem. Anywway, the web address for the maula I'm working from is

click here

Look forward to hearing from you.

  Anti_Virus 15:20 10 Jul 2008

Oh sorry, I forgot to mention that the particular part of the manual relevant to this installation is in the Communication Cards section. The ITM will be installed in the same slot used for WWAN cards.

  I am Spartacus 15:32 10 Jul 2008

Insulating tape on the metal connectors might do it but I'd be a little concerned about the heat melting the adhesive. Alternatively those little connector sleeves (don't know the proper name) from Maplins might do it.

This is a link to a whole set of them but you may be able to buy small packets of the type you need click here

  Anti_Virus 16:41 10 Jul 2008

So what are exactly are you saying - Do these sleeves enable me to rest the cables on the Card? Because if that is the case, they actually do already have some sort of clear plastic sleeve covering them. Does that mean I need not worry if the cables are touching the card and resting on it?

  I am Spartacus 16:49 10 Jul 2008

I would think they'd be OK resting on the ITM then. If they're antenna cables they won't be powered.

  Anti_Virus 17:24 10 Jul 2008

Oh OK. That's good that I don't have to worry about that then. Thanks for your help. I can (hopefully) install it without any issues or problems :-) Thanks.

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