Mini laptops?

  Whiteadder310556 14:07 29 Aug 2008

I'm interested in a mini laptop running windows XP, particuly The new Advent. This seems to offer all I want, but one question I have is, if I capture video footage to a card device can I load and edit it, a little no high demands. Does XP have the Movie maker utility and is it loaded on to the laptop? If so what video format should I use?

  Ditch999 17:07 29 Aug 2008

I wouldn't bother trying to edit video on it as its spec (Intel's 1.6GHz Atom N270 processor, 1GB of DDR 2 memory and an 80GB hard drive) just isn't up to it.

Its more for internet, mail and Word docs.

  Wezwee 18:44 29 Aug 2008

It will be fine using Windows Movie Maker, but I wouldn't trust it running demanding professional video-editing software. I agree the original intention of this device is for "simple-tasks-on-the-go" but just because it isn't up to spec with the latest rigs does not mean it cannot do what PC's have been doing since XP came out.

As a note, it will only have Movie Maker 1.0 afaik (can download 2.0 somewhere though) and it can import a variety of video formats

  woodchip 19:08 29 Aug 2008

I have done it on XP home using 512mb ram and a Celeron CPU, this was using Pinnacle 9.4.5

  woodchip 19:09 29 Aug 2008

PS and it only had one 80Gb hard Drive

  aneurin75 19:20 29 Aug 2008

I love my dinky little Eee but one big disadvantage is that it only has a flash drive and there is not enough memory to download XP Updates.I have an SD card with all my program files on it but XP takes up so much space on the flash drive that there is not room for the upgrades. I get continual messages telling me to free up more space.

  Whiteadder310556 19:22 29 Aug 2008

Thanks for your replies. I understand the laptop is low on spec, my now ancient desktop is only a 700mhz AMD Athlon running 98se with a 20GB disk and have been editing DV for some years. So giving that are the specs of the laptop so critical as they actual, at first sight seem to be more powerful than my desktop? And seen as I will only be using it for small projects?

  woodchip 19:42 29 Aug 2008

If its cheap, I would say go for it

  woodchip 19:49 29 Aug 2008
  Whiteadder310556 15:27 30 Aug 2008


Are current camcorders that use flash cards recording in a Mpeg format and will this not make it more possible to edit on rhis mini laptop. After all coverting an AVI file to Mpeg reduces the size of the file by about 10 times? Or I'm I missing somrthing?

  Quiet Life 15:38 30 Aug 2008

Moviemaker will not open MPEG files and you would have to convert to avi.

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