Mini Keyloger pest

  Hamada san 19:34 19 Mar 2005

Can enybody tell me what a mini keyloger, or mini keylogger, is; 'CounterSpy keeps picking up on this pest and I would like to Know where it's coming from; Help please anyone?
Hamada san

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:36 19 Mar 2005

Probably from system restore. Turn it off, reboot and turn it back on again.


  Hamada san 20:36 19 Mar 2005

Thanks Gandalf 'will give it a go.

  Jak_1 20:52 19 Mar 2005

A keylogger is a trojan that send back to it's master every keystroke you make. This is how people steal passwords etc and kack into banking details.

As Gandalf said, turn off system restore and run an av scan etc. Once you have cleared it turn System restore back on. Do not rely on windows firewall to prevent it communicating with it's master, windows firewall will not do that. Instead use a 3rd party firewall such as Zonealarm click here

  Hamada san 10:59 20 Mar 2005

I have discovered that this pest can be ousted by CounterSpy and I have also followed Gandalf's advice. I am now waiting to see if it reappears; I suspect that this thing is arriving via a visited web site and I'm puzzled that it's getting by Norton security;I also ask myself could it be being generated by CounterSpy itself (free version) as a sales pitch.
Many thanks to Gandalf and Jak-1, any ideas or thoughts welcome.

  Hamada san 15:47 30 Mar 2005

The mini keylogger prblem was caused by false positives conected to the CounterSpy software, they have since rectified this problem.

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